All incoming students in the Massachusetts Public College system are mandated by the Department of Higher Education to take the Accuplacer examination.

This online assessment and placement tool is used throughout the Commonwealth by institutions of higher education to place incoming students in courses appropriate for their level of academic preparedness. The purpose of Accuplacer is to provide students with useful information about their academic skills in English, mathematics, and reading. The results of the examination, in conjunction with a student's background, goals, and interests, are used by MMA to determine a student's course selection. 

For incoming MMA students, The Accuplacer examination consists of three separate tests: Advanced Algebra and Functions, Reading Comprehension, and WritePlacer Plus

  • The Advanced Algebra and Functions test presents students with 20 questions that assess proficiency in Intermediate Algebra through pre-calculus. 
  • The Reading Comprehension test presents students with 20 questions about reading passages and about the relationship between sentences.
  • The WritePlacer Plus test is the only timed test in the series, allowing 60 minutes for completion. The test evaluates the quality of a student writing sample produced during the time allotted.

The Accuplacer examination usually takes between 1 1/2 and 3 hours.

You will not be permitted to bring a calculator into the testing location or use one on the ACCUPLACER math test. If you are presented any questions which have been configured to permit the use of a calculator, you will be presented with an icon on the screen which will grant you access to an on-screen calculator for that question.

Please see this link for information about interpreting your Accuplacer score:

Most incoming students will take the examination on the MMA campus on the day of their uniform fitting during April or May.  Please see the Accuplacer page on the MMA website for dates for the current academic year.

All testing will be conducted at MMA.

Students who do not visit MMA for a uniform fitting and who live more than 100 miles from campus may be eligible for an offsite examination. Please see the Accuplacer page for information regarding offsite testing.

Students with learning disabilities who require special accommodations must contact the Disability Resource Office. Eligibility for accommodations must be verified prior to the examination.

  • Extra Time:  Extra time cannot be accommodated on the Accuplacer.  You will see that the first two sections of the Accuplacer are untimed. The final section, the WritePlacer Plus, is timed for 60 minutes.  The computer program will automatically end the written examination after 60 minutes and cannot be reset.
  • Calculator Use:  Students whose documented learning disability, as verified by the Disability Resource Office, indicates “calculator use” as an appropriate accommodation may bring a basic 4 function calculator.  No other type of calculator may be brought to the Accuplacer exam.  A graphing calculator may not be used on the Accuplacer exam.