4/C Engine and Deck Fall Training Memo

TO:              4/C Engine and Deck Cadets
FROM:        LT White, Mariner Credentialing
SUBJECT:  Freshman STCW Training and Credentialing Fall 2019

Welcome! The freshman year is very exciting time for our license students filled with new schedules, the opportunity to go on a ship, USCG licensing language & information but we are here to help.  Here are a few license preparation activities for you to complete in the fall to prepare you for the future as you embark on your first year MMA.

1Updated Website: Please read and get familiar with our Mariner Credentialing website.  The information includes our STCW training information for each semester, required USCG forms to use for licensing, instructions to assist you with completing them, as well as STCW training requirements to be completed each year.  Please start at https://www.maritime.edu/academics and then navigate to Mariner Credentialing in the fourth column to the right of the page.  In particular, note the “Freshman” link.   

2.  TWIC - Transportation Worker Identification Credential:  All Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation cadets are required to apply for a TWIC.  This is first step in the application process to apply for your Merchant Mariner Credential, a U.S. Coast Guard issued-credential.  Instructions to apply are found at “How to Get a TWIC”.

3.  Cadet MMC (Merchant Mariner Credential): Attend the 4/C Merchant Mariner Credentialing meeting on Tuesday, 17 September @ 0700 in Admiral’s Hall.   All 4/C MENG & MTRA are required to apply for their MMC during fall of freshman year.  Initiate the MMC application process by completing the Kick off Questionnaire for Cadet MMC and the Cadet MMC Application.  Your completed application packet is due Monday, December 2, 2019.  Failure to apply now will result in a violation of MMA’s agreement with MARAD.  If you already have a Lower Level License, you must complete an application with the proper endorsements to sail as a cadent enrolled in our USCG approved program.

4. USCG Physical Exams: – The CG-719K Physical Exam form is required for your Merchant Mariner Application.   Health Services will conduct physical exams in September and October and send out information on sign-ups for appointment times. If HS conducts your physical, they will forward a copy of your physical to Mariner Credentialing.  However, if you opt to have your exam completed by your own doctor, you must ensure that is completed on the NEW form and that you provide a copy to our office with your completed application packet.       

5.  VPDSD TRAINING – Vessel Security for Persons with Designated Security Duties:  This is a 10-hour course offered on two dates of October 4/5 and 25/26.  Register in Self Services for your preferred dates (search for VPDSD).Two sections will be offered on both training dates (there are two instructors; one instructor in each section). The course starts at 1800 on Friday and starts at 0800 on Saturday (you must attend Friday AND the Saturday hours and complete the exam in order to be certified). Space is limited.  This is a requirement for you to receive your MMC.

6.  Basic Safety Training:  ALL Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation majors are required to complete this STCW/Licensing requirement during freshman orientation and fall semester of your freshman year.  BST consists of the following components:
1.  FF -  0102 – 4/C Firefighting Practicum
2.  PE - 0031 – Basic Safety CPR
3.  PS - 0301 – STCW Personal Survival
4.  LB - 0203 – STCW Immersion Suit Practicum
5.  MT- 1111 – Vessel Familiarization and Basic Safety Training
6.  SR- 0401 – STCW Personal Safety/Social Responsibility
You participated in FF-0102, PS-0301, and SR-0401 during Orientation.  PE-0031 is embedded in Engineering Systems and Safety, and LB-0203 is embedded in Vessel Familiarization.  Vessel Familiarization also contains all of the knowledge-based assessments for Basic Training.

The fastest way for us to reach you with an urgent question or request is by phone/voicemail.  You must have a phone number where you (not your parent) can be reached in your student record. Set up your mailbox and check voicemail daily. The Commandant’s Policy also requires you to monitor and respond to your MMA email. There are several sources of media available for you to know what is happening:  MMA email, Plan of the WEEK (POW), television monitors located in various buildings, and the Mariner Credentialing Department website. Students who do not respond to communications within 48 hours will be reported to the Commandant for a CLASS II offense. 

Your cooperation and engagement are essential to the smooth execution of this process.  If you have any questions, please see me in Harrington Bldg., 2nd Flr., or call me @ 508-830- 5000, ext.  2045, or email gwhite@maritime.edu. You may also schedule an appointment with me by going to our website, scroll to the middle of the page, click on Make Appointment with LT White.

I look forward to a productive semester!

For a PDF version, 4/C Deck & Engine Training Fall 2019  
For a PDF of our complete Mariner Credentialing Calendar Fall 2019