3/C Deck & Engine Fall Training

TO:  3/C Deck & Engine Students

FROM:  CDR Marie Huhnke, Director, Mariner Credentialing

Email:  mhuhnke@maritime.edu; telephone:  (508) 830 - 5071; make a virtual appointment thru Google Calendar/Google Meet

SUBJECT:  Sophomore STCW Training and Credentialing Fall 2020

Welcome back

1. Mandatory Meeting: There will be a mandatory virtual meeting for all 3/C and 2/C deck and engine students on TBD. Attend ONE meet on the date that works best for your schedule. We will go over all of the particulars of the training and credentialing requirements listed in this memo. 

2. Mandatory STCW Audits for all deck and engine sophomores and juniors. Make an online virtual appointment thru Google Calendar/Google Meet with LT Ed Vacha or LT Andrew Perron. Sophomores should sign up in the fall 2020 semester, and juniors should sign up in the spring 2021 semester. We will review your progress towards licensing, answer questions about training and applications, and give you a running tally on your sea time when you have your appointment. 

3. Cadet MMC (Merchant Mariner Credential): All deck and engine students are required to apply for their MMC in the fall of freshman year. If you did not complete the process, then you will also need to attend the 4/C Merchant Mariner Credential virtual meeting for deck and engine cadets on TBD. The complete application packet is due Friday, December 4, 2020. Junior year is too late to turn in your MMC application. Failure to apply now will result in a delay of your commercial shipping and graduation. 

4. Medical Certificate: If you have completed the MMC process, there is no need to have a physical in your sophomore year for licensing purposes.
If you are applying for a cadet credential, however, you will need to submit a valid (less than 1 year old) physical on a CG-719K Medical Certficate Application (physical form) with your MMC application packet. The dates that Health Services will offer physicals are TBD. Check your email, the POD, and television monitors in various buildings on campus for the information to be posted. As an option, you can complete your physical with your own doctor.

5. Lifeboatman Certification (also known as LB-0201 and LB-0202): You must register in Self Service for LB-0201 Lifeboatman Qualifications and for LB-0202 Lifeboatman Exam. Schedule a time slot with CAPT Mayhofer to complete your all three quals (Steer by Magnetic Compass, Lifeboat Under Oars, and Lifeboat Launch & Recovery). He will give you details about the exam later in the semester. 

6. VPDSD Training (Vessel Security for Persons with Designated Security Duties): This is training that should have been completed in first semester of your freshman year. If you completed this training, you are on track. If you have not, this is a 10-hour course, two-day requirement for receiving your MMC and for commercial shipping. You can register in Self Service (search for STCW-VPDSD) and will be a virtual course through Blackboard. Register for one of the following sets of dates, you must attend the Fri.,/Sat., registered for (cannot split the weekend):

Fri.,/Sat., November 6/7

Fri.,/Sat., November 13/14

Fri.,/Sat., December 4/5


7. Updated Website: Please read and familiarize yourself with our updated Mariner Credentialing website. There are USCG forms to use for licensing, instructions to assist you with completing them, as well as all of your STCW training requirements to be completed each semester. Start at https://www.maritime.edu/academics and then navigate to Mariner Credentialing in the fourth column to the right of the page. In particular, note “Sophomore Training”. 

8. Voicemail and email: My office may attempt to reach you by phone/voicemail when we need a quick response. Make sure that your voicemail message sounds professional – state your name clearly in the message, check messages daily, and delete old messages so that your mailbox does not get full. MMA cadets are also required to check their official email account daily and respond. If I do not receive a message that an email is undeliverable, I am assuming that you have read and understood the message. 

Your cooperation and engagement are essential to the smooth execution of this process. If you have any questions, please make an online virtual appointment for Google Meet, call me @ 508-830-5071, or email mhuhnke@maritime.edu.