2/C Deck & Engine Spring Training

TO:              2/C Deck and Engine Students
FROM:        CDR Huhnke, Director, Mariner Credentialing
SUBJECT:  Junior STCW Training and Credentialing for Spring 2020 

Welcome back from Commercial Shipping!  Here are hints and reminders to help you plan your third year.

Cadet Credentialing

1.  There will be a mandatory meeting for all  2/C and 3/C on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 0700 in Admiral’s Hall.  We will review all of the information on this memo, but especially, our NEW FIREFIGHTING PROGRAM!   Bring your phone, tablet, or laptop, and we will go over the registration procedures.

2.  STCW Audits are mandatory for all deck and engine sophomores and juniors:  If you did not have an audit during the fall, sign up online for your appointment with CDR Huhnke, LT Vacha, or LT Perron.  We will review your progress towards licensing, answer questions about training and applications, and give you a running tally on your sea time when you have your appointment. 

3.  Medical Certificate: The medical certificate that you received as a freshman should almost be out of date.  If you are commercial shipping this summer, you will need a recent physical and a new med cert.  Apply for a new med cert by having a physical in Health Services, and emailing us at marinercredentialing@maritime.edu to let us know that you are applying for a new med cert for commercial shipping.  If you renewed it last semester, you are “all set.”

4. USCG Physical Exams: – You must have a current CG-719K Physical Exam on file to commercial ship; to be valid, the physical exam must be dated after September 2019.  ALSO, you must have a valid USCG Medical Certificate (issued when you received your MMC).   The “STCW expiration” date is two years after the date of issue.  If you do not have a current exam on file, then you can make an appointment with our Health Services department (dates will be posted) or you can make an appointment with your own doctor.  Your physical exam must be completed on the NEW CG-719K form located on our website.

5.  Cadet MMCs (Merchant Mariner Credential):   If you do not have a cadet MMC and/or have not taken VPDSD, attend the MMC Meeting on 11 March @ 0700 in Flanagan Hall.  Your complete MMC application packet is DUE at the meeting so that we can get your MMC in time for commercial shipping.  You must have the Cadet Deck/Engine endorsement on your MMC; if your MMC was obtained prior to attending MMA or is a Lower Level License, than you must apply for the Cadet Deck/Engine using the same process as your LLL.  This is a licensing requirement to receive credit.  NO exceptions.   The CG-719B Merchant Mariner Credential application form, payment information and required documents are found on our website. 


6. 2/C Firefighting Practicum (FF-0106):  Please come to the mandatory meeting on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 to hear the details about the NEW firefighting program!  Juniors and sophomores will be attending firefighting training at Mass Fire Academy’s Stow campus at the Gas School. 

7. If you need to make up a 3/c or 4/c firefighting element: Please drop by the office so that we can arrange for you to complete your requirements.

8.  Lifeboatman Certification (also known as LB-0201 and LB-0202): You must register in Self Service/WebAdvisor for LB-0201 Lifeboatman Qualifications and for LB-0202 Lifeboatman Exam.  Schedule a time slot with CAPT Mayhofer to complete all three quals (Steer by Magnetic Compass, Lifeboat Under Oars, and Lifeboat Launch & Recovery).  He will give you details about the exam later in the semester.


9.   Your best source of information is to come to the mandatory meeting on Tuesday, March 3, at 0700 in Admiral’s Hall.

10.  Visit our website. There are USCG forms to use for licensing, instructions to assist you with completing them, as well as all of your STCW training requirements to be completed each semester.  Start at https://www.maritime.edu/academics and then navigate to Mariner Credentialing in the fourth column to the right of the page.  In particular, note “Junior Training”.

11.  Please see me with any questions in the Harrington Bldg., 2nd Fl., or call me @ 508-830-5071, or email mhuhnke@maritime.edu.  If you are walking past the office, or waiting for an appointment, check out our new monitor in the passageway. 

I look forward to a productive semester!

For a PDF version, 2C Deck & Engine Spring Training