March 1
Priority for Financial Aid

March 14 & April 4
Accepted Student Day Events have been cancelled
April 6- April 16
Virtual ASD Sessions 

June 1
Accept Offer

June 1
Health Services Forms Due

July 1
Final Transcripts Due
Athletic Health Forms Due (SportsWare)

July 15
Fall Bill 
DOT Drug Testing Due
Drug Testing Policy Acknowledgement
Image Release Form

August 16-22
"On-Campus" Orientation Battalion 2
Drop Off TBD
Pick Up 1000
August 23-29
"On-Campus" Orientation Battalion 1
Drop Off TBD
Pick Up 1000
August 30 - Sept 1
Campus Move-in
Academic Orientation

September 2
First day of Classes

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Class of 2024

Orientation Letter Letter From the Regimental Commander
All plans and schedules are subject to change due to the fluid situation regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Assimilation Phase II

Because of COVID 19, the on-campus (Phase I) Orientation experience has been reduced to approximately 6 days and renamed "Assimilation". As a result, a portion of the training has been deferred to Phase II. Phase II will consist of one mandatory fall weekend on campus per company, as health conditions allow. The weekend activities will commence Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon with a cookout at the Herring Pond Sailing Center (health conditions and weather permitting). A typical Phase II training weekend will include teambuilding, marching practice, uniform issue, classes, intramural activities and leadership development.
The weekend schedule is as follows:
September 18 - 20 2nd Company
September 25 - 27 4th & 6th Companies
October 02 - 04 1st & 3rd Companies
October 16 & 18 5th Company
October 23 - 25 7th Company

An "Orientation Graduation" - type event, in conjunction with Freshman Recognition is tentatively scheduled for 01 November (health guidelines permitting). Freshman company awards and individual awards will be presented at this event, to include the coveted "Admiral's Cup".

Please note, Accuplacer placement testing WILL NOT BE REQUIRED for the entering class of fall 2020.  Due to continuing changes and updated information from the CDC regarding COVID-19, all uniform fitting requirements have been temporarily suspended. 

Please continue to monitor your email (, this web page, the Class of 2024 Facebook page, and the homepage of Academy website under the Coronavirus Statement. Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this evolving situation.  If you have any questions, you may contact Admissions at

1. Apply for Financial Aid - Due by March 1st

To apply for financial aid, students must complete a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year.  Priority deadline for incoming students is March 1. The form can be found at

All students can monitor their financial aid status through the MMA self-service portal. You will receive information regarding how to access this portal via email shortly after you receive your acceptance packet from the Admissions Office.  In addition to viewing your application status, you can also view missing documents, review/accept your financial aid award online, print your financial aid award letter, complete all necessary steps to finalize your award and view important information regarding your financial aid award as well as financial aid policies.

If you have been awarded any outside scholarships be sure to notify the Financial Aid Office, either by reporting it under the ‘REPORT/VIEW OUTSIDE AWARDS’ link on the MMA self-service portal, or by sending written notification directly to the Financial Aid Office.

2. Accept your Offer of Admission - Due by June 1st

Mail back your acceptance form included in your acceptance packet, making sure to include the $400 enrollment fee. This not only holds your place in the class, but is the trigger for additional information and allows other departments on campus to acknowledge you are an incoming student. In light of the impact of COVID-19 and your ability to visit campuses, attend admitted student events, and other activities that are a part of the decision process, we have decided to extend our Enrollment Fee Deadline to June 1st. We hope that this will help to alleviate some of the stress these changes have caused. Please note, space availabilty within each major may be limited after May 1st so we encourage you to submit this fee prior to this deadline.

Pay Your Enrollment Fee

3. Prepare your Technology

MMA prides itself on its technology resources, all of which you will need to successfully transition to life as a cadet. You will receive an email with your account login information shortly after your acceptance, at which point you can access the Tech Prep page and complete your next steps:

  • Create your password

  • Set up your student email

  • Access the Self Service student portal

  • Set up a parent payment portal

  • Sign up for emergency notifications

  • Complete your medical history

4. Access your Student Billing Account

Log into the Self Service Portal and follow the link for Student Finance.  Bills must be settled, either by paying in full, or enrolling in a payment plan no later than Friday, August 7th.  If you see a $3306 charge for health insurance, and you are covered under an outside plan, please see # 6 below.  If you must take the school offered insurance, be sure to enroll in the plan prior to reporting for orientation.
Students are encouraged to set up their payment profile information by following the  link in the upper left hand side of the page where your name appears.  You can store your banking information to make payments easier, you can invite parents or other individuals to be 'additional payers' who have their own access to your student account, you can store banking information to receive electronic refunds and you can enroll in our SMS (text messaging) notifications.

5. Complete Your Medical Forms - Deadline June 1st

Click on the button for your major.  Print the full packet and follow the check list and instructions.

Marine Transportation and Marine Engine Only   All other Majors

Scan to or mail to:

Massachusetts Maritime Health Services
101 Academy Drive
Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

Follow instructions from the documents above to enter the Health Portal and complete online forms and input vaccine information. Your Maritime username and password will log you in.

Health Portal

6. Enroll or Waive Health Insurance after June 1st*

According to Massachusetts State Law, all students must be covered by health insurance. If you are not covered by an outside insurance policy, you must purchase and enroll in the health plan available through the Academy. Please click on the link below to either enroll or waive the school sponsored insurance. If waiving, the charge on your bill will be removed once we receive confirmation that you filled out the waiver. This must be done each and every academic year.

*This must be completed before the end of the month to avoid charges on your bill.

Enroll or Waive Health Insurance

7. Review Assigned Math Placement and Registration Information

With the unique situation that COVID-19 has presented, Accuplacer testing for the Class of 2024 has been suspended. While the purpose of the Accuplacer is to ensure students are placed accordingly in their fall math course, Academy professors and staff have reviewed your high school GPA and transcripts to determine your placement. An email has been sent to your email with your assigned math placement for the fall and any additional information regarding your placement. The remainder of your fall class schedule will be created for you based on your major and assigned math course and it will be posted to your Self Service Portal in early August. Upon receipt of your schedule, if you have questions or concerns about your schedule, please contact the Registrar's Office (  

To review potential math placements, please reference the Math Placement tab on the upper left-hand side of this page.


8. Complete your Uniform Fitting

This form must be completed no later than 2100 on Saturday, 18 July.  (If you were fitted for uniforms earlier this year, you do not need to get re-measured.)  Measurements can be done at most Tux shops, Bridal Shops, Tailor/Seamstresses, Dry Cleaners and using a tape measure at home.
Guide for Taking Uniform Measurements at Home

Female Uniform Fitting Form  Male Uniform Fitting Form

9. Submit your Final Transcripts

Incoming Freshmen - Please make sure your final official high school transcript includes proof of graduation. Offers of acceptance to Massachusetts Maritime Academy are contingent upon successful completion of all courses and certification of your high school graduation. If your performance declines significantly, we reserve the right to rescind your acceptance. Have your AP and/or IB scores sent to the Registrar's Office to be awarded credit (if applicable).

Incoming Transfers - Be sure to send your final official college transcript. Offers of acceptance to Massachusetts Maritime Academy are contingent upon successfully meeting the transfer standards. If final transcripts do not meet these standards, we reserve the right to rescind your acceptance. Please note that only a grade of “C” or higher is considered for transfer.

10. Complete mandatory DOT 5-Panel Drug Test - Deadline July 15th*

All incoming cadets are required to complete a Department of Transportation approved “pre-employment” 5-panel DOT (USCG) drug test and submit the results to the Admissions Office. All readmit students should send results to COMCAD prior to re-enrolling at the Academy. Please note, the Academy does not provide any paperwork. You can schedule a drug test through one of the following options:
  1. eScreen by calling (800) 964-6233, selecting option #4 and then option #1 for prepay. You will need to state that you will be paying for the test, as the Academy does not cover this expense. Once you have paid for the test they will send your “Custody and Control Form” to a designated DOT approved drug testing facility in your area. Once you complete the test at the lab, your results will automatically be sent directly to Admissions.
  2. A company of your choosing as long as they are authorized to act as a Medical Review Officer (MRO) and are able to provide the required “Custody and Control Form” that you need to present to a DOT approved drug testing facility that will be administering your test so that results can be released and sent to Admissions (
*We are aware that COVID-19 is likely impacting your ability to complete this step. We will be operating with as much flexibility as possible this year. Please simply plan to complete this step when it is open and safe to do so.

11. Complete Student Services Materials

All incoming students are required to complete the following:
1. Complete the following forms prior to July 15th, 2020. These will be mailed directly to your Maritime email address:
  • An Image Release form ​
  • ​An acknowledgement of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy drug testing policy
  • Passport Information

Login to Complete the Above Forms

2. A Title IX interactive program, which will be emailed to your student email account this summer, must be completed prior to Orientation.  This program should be completed by the intended student only.

12. Varsity Intercollegiate Sport Participation

If you are interested in participating in a varsity intercollegiate sport, the NCAA mandates Student-Athletes adhere to the following requirements:
  • Obtain a Pre-participation Physical Examination (PPE) within 6 months of the 1st practice
    • Submit a copy of this form to Chris Barry (contact information below)
    • Fall sport athletes should obtain a PPE no earlier than March 1st
    • Spring sport athletes should obtain a PPE no earlier than April 1st,
      • April 1st coincides with non-traditional fall practices/tryouts

    • If you're unable to obtain an updated PPE due to insurance issues, contact Chris Barry

  • Complete the online Athletic Training medical information; this is in addition to Health Services info
    • Go to (SportsWare)
    • Click “Join SportsWare” and enter the School ID: MMABUCS
    • Fill in required information using your MARITIME EMAIL as your primary email
    • Upon being granted access to the site, complete all info marked with a red asterisk (*)
    • Your info will be reviewed and status manually updated
  • Complete a baseline concussion test administered by a member of the Athletic Training Staff
    • The test may be completed during a visit to campus by contacting Chris Barry
    • The test will also be administered during orientation
  • Provide your sickle cell trait status

13. Apply for Passport and/or TWIC* 

All incoming students are highly encouraged to apply for a passport now.  Due to COVID-19, processing times are significantly delayed and expedited processing has been suspended. 

Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering and Facilities Engineering students will need a valid passport, as well as, a Transportation Worker's Identification Credential (TWIC) to participate on Sea Term. Additionally, Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering students will need a Transportation Worker's Identification Credential (TWIC) to be able to apply for their cadet credential. Don't forget to check off "Merchant Mariner" when asked for your profession! 

*We are aware that COVID-19 is likely impacting your ability to complete this step. We will be operating with as much flexibility as possible this year. Please simply plan to complete this step when it is open and safe to do so.

How to get a TWIC

Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering students will need to apply for their Merchant Mariner Cadet Credential (MMC) during the first semester of freshman year. Unless a student has already obtained or will need to obtain an MMC for work, we encourage students to wait and allow us to help guide them through this process. The Director of Mariner Credentialing will meet several times with students throughout the semester as they complete the major milestones culminating in the mariner credential.The MMC is NOT a requirement for Sea Term I.

14. Attend Orientation

With the Class of 2024’s Orientation just a few weeks away, we are looking forward to the arrival of approximately 400 new Cadet Candidates on campus.  We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic protocols and current trends as we build and revise all plans related to Orientation and the fall semester. It is our intention to balance meaningful Cadet Candidate preparation training with all necessary and reasonable safety measures to help protect, not just those directly participating in the program, but also those indirectly connected, such as parents, siblings and grandparents.
To accomplish these goals, Orientation 2020 will be very different.  The two most significant differences are:  the COVID-19 pre-arrival protocols and Orientation 2020 “on-campus” training will be by Battalion, thereby de-densifying the program by 50%.  The program will be split in two critical phases: Phase I will be a condensed one week “on-campus” experience for each battalion, combined with a second, one week “at-home, virtual” component; Phase II will carry into the fall semester and will consist of one weekend of additional training by company.
Cadet Candidates assigned to Second Battalion (2nd, 4th, and 6th Companies) will report on Sunday, 16 August, by company, for on-campus training as follows: 2co at 1200, 4co at 1300 and 6co at 1400. The training week will end Saturday morning, 22 August. The following week there will be virtual classes that each cadet candidate is expected to complete.

Cadet Candidates assigned to First Battalion (1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th Companies) will report Sunday, 23 August, by company, for on-campus training as follows: 1co at 1200, 3co at 1300, 5co at 1400 and 7co at 1500. The training week will end Saturday morning, 29 August.  Cadet Candidates in this cycle of on-campus training will be required to complete virtual classes the week prior to arrival.  Additional information regarding the virtual training will be posted on the website ( in the near future.  Note: out-of-state, region and country Cadet Candidates have been assigned to First Battalion. They are strongly encouraged to remain on campus at the end of their training cycle until the start of classes to minimize risk with further travel.

On Saturday morning, pick up day, the Cadet Candidates will be released by company as follows: August 22nd - 2co from 0900-1000, 4co from 1000-1100 and 6co from 1100-1200; August 29 - 1co from 0900-1000, 3co from 1000-1100, 5co from 1100-1200 and 7co from 1200-1300. Cadet Candidates will be sent to the gym parking lot to rejoin their families. Parents of cadets assigned to a specific company will be staged in vehicles in “Lot C” on Academy Drive, to wait for the green light to proceed to the gym lot.  Parents and family members must remain in their vehicles at all times.

Cadet Candidates must bring their laptops with them to their assigned on-campus training week.  
All plans and schedules are subject to change due to the fluid situation regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Youngie Knowledge   Summer Fitness What to Bring

Housing Health Waiver Policy  Orientation Packet 2020

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Cadet Candidate Company Assignments