1/C Deck & Engine Spring

TO:             1/C Deck & Engine Students
FROM:       CDR Huhnke, Director, Mariner Credentialing
SUBJECT:  Senior STCW Training and Credentialing for Spring 2020

Welcome to your final semester at Mass Maritime!  This is such an exciting time: so many plans and decisions to make so that you can move forward with your life.  Additionally, you will be winding up your graduation requirements, taking the USCG license exams, and graduating!

USCG Exams & Licensing

1.  There is a mandatory meeting for all seniors on Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 0700 in Admiral’s Hall.  We will review all of the information on this memo, but especially, our NEW FIREFIGHTING PROGRAM!  Bring your phone, tablet, or laptop, and we will go over the registration procedures.

2.  USCG License Exams:  There is a mandatory muster (Classroom Blacks) in the Gym on Sunday, May 10 @ 1800 for any senior taking USCG exams.  Exams begin Monday, May 11 – Thursday, May 14 2020 in Clean Harbors Gym @ 0800 – 1700.

3.  Watch, Maintenance, and Sea Service Documentation: Please drop by Mariner Credentialing for an update on your sea time.  The graduation requirement is 360 days.

4.  PIC, TOAR, and all other AI Documentation is due by April 2 for all June graduates.

5.  All STCW assessments & licensing requirements are due by June 5 for all June graduates. 

6.  Deck Students (June grads): FCC GMDSS Radio Operator’s License Exams (Elements 1 & 7) – Please bring a copy of either your FCC license or Proof-of-Passing letter to this office by June 5.


7.  Senior Firefighting Training:  Senior Fire Fighting will take place on Sunday, March 15, 29, April 5,  26, May 3 and 17, at Mass Fire Academy in Stow, MA.  We will review all of the NEW procedures for our new firefighting program with Mass Fire Academy at the senior meeting on March 5 (Spoiler: there are a LOT of new procedures).

8.  To make up any underclass firefighting: Please come into the office to see me.

9.  Make sure that you register and complete PE–0032, Medical Care Provider, which is a graduation requirement that will not be offered again until Fall 2020. You cannot make this course up off-campus. (note: PE-0032 should not be confused with Basic CPR)

Please see me with any questions in Harrington Bldg., 2nd Fl., or call me at 508-830-5071, or email mhuhnke@maritime.edu. If you are walking past the office, or waiting for an appointment, check out our new monitor in the passageway. 

I look forward to a productive semester!

For a PDF version, 1/C Engine & Deck Spring Training