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    William "Willi" Bank, Staff Assistant Marine Department

    Willi is our new addition to the Marine Department staff.  He will be providing professional support to limited tonnage vessels and operations of the Academy's Marine Department, including leadership oversight of the Keith Hartford Sailing Center.  Willi will also assist in the Training Ship Department, Yacht and Boat Donations Program as well as support the Academy's programs such as Continuing Education, Admissions and Advancement. 

    James Benedetto, Motor Equipment Mechanic IV (Marine Dept.)

    James "Jim" Benedetto started full time with the Academy in July 2006. Besides being the engineer aboard the T/V Ranger, he is also responsible for the safe operation, trouble-shooting, maintenance and repair of marine engines and other Marine Department assets. Jim has been a gas and diesel mechanic for over 25 years. He has owned and operated his own charter boat for many years. He has USCG 100 ton Masters License and is a certified GM Master Technician.

    Thomas Bushy, Vice President Marine Operations Division

    Thomas L. "Tom" Bushy is the Vice President for Marine Operations. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Transportation from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and a Masters Degree of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Tom is a 1974 graduate of the Academy and in 1981, he began teaching in the Marine Transportation Department until 1992, when he accepted an administrative position. In 1997, he became the permanent sailing Master of the Academy's training ship. In 2000 he was named the Associate Vice President of External Affairs and Maritime Operations and then to Vice President of Marine Operations in 2002. Licenses and certifications include Master of Steam and Motor Vessels, unlimited tons, any oceans (Radar Observer, GMDSS Operator); STCW95

    Michael J. Campbell, Chief Mate

    Mike Campbell is a 1987 graduate of the academy and was hired as our Second Mate in December 2013.  With the retirement of our previous Chief Mate, he became our Acting Chief Mate in December 2014.  As Chief Mate, he is responsible for implementing safety management for all personnel, as well as planned maintenance of ship's interior and exterior spaces, including machinery as required. He will also represent the ship's Master as required in the Master's absence.  He also serves as the Global Maritime Distress Safety System Operator and the Vessel Security Officer.  Licenses and certifications include BS Degree in Marine Transportation;  USCG Master of Steam or Motor Vessels of any gross tones upon oceans;  Medical Care Person in Charge;  GMDSS Radio Operator;  Radar Observer Unlimited;  Tankerman;  Vessel Security Officer

    Tim DeMoranville, First Assistant Engineer

    Timothy “Tim” DeMoranville joined the Academy in June 2004. He is the First Assistant Engineer on the Academy’s training ship. In 1996, he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering Technology from Maine Maritime Academy. He is responsible for the safe operation, maintenance, repair and efficiency of the ship’s boilers, fuel oil systems, fresh water systems and related equipment onboard the training vessel and participates in the annual training cruise. Licenses and certifications include 1st Assistant Engine/Steam Vessels; 3rd Assistant Engine/Motor Vessels; Tankship; Basic Safety

    Scott J. DePersis, Second Assistant Engineer

    Scott J. DePersis is our Second Assistant Engineer on our training ship.  He is a 1979 graduate of the Academy with a BS Engineering Degree.  He reports to the Chief Engineer and the First Assistant Engineer and is responsible for the safe operation, maintenance, repair and efficiency of the ship's boilers, fuel oil systems, fresh water systems, and related equipment.  He possesses Chief Engineer of Steam or Gas Turbine Vessels of any Horsepower license; Third Assistant Engineer of Motor Vessels of any Horsepower; and also Tankerman PIC.

    Benjamin "Ben" Dion, Motor Equipment Mechanic I

    Benjamin "Ben" is the newest member of the Marine Department.  His duties include assisting  Yacht and Boat Donations, Center for Maritime Training and the training ship as needed.  In the Marine Department he is responsible for the repair of motor vehicles, equipment overhauling and rebuilding as well as small craft. 

    John Edwards, Staff Assistant

    John was recently transferred to the Marine Department after several years with Yacht and Boat Donations.  He has demonstrated a professional ability in supporting yachts and boats, and these skills will now be focused on a broader range of vessels in the Marine Department.

    John Eldridge, Seaman I

    John Eldridge joined the Marine Operations Division as Seaman on board our training ship. John is responsible for keeping vessels and equipment in good repair, maintaining steel structures, keeping machinery in good operating condition, maintaining cleanliness of vessel, secures, removes and handles marine vessel mooring lines and assists in line handling during docking or undocking of academy vessels.

    Richard "Chuck" Fontaine, Director Yacht & Boat Donations Program

    Richard "Chuck" Fontaine is the Academy's Yacht & Boat Donations Director and Sailing Program Director. He graduated with a BS in Management from Southeastern Massachusetts University '86 and received a Masters in Public Administration from Bridgewater State in 2005.

     The proceeds from his efforts have provided financing for a number of projects on campus. Among them are the Storer Building Renovation, Herring Pond Restoration, the Marine Transportation Tug and Barge Program and Varsity Crew Pavilion, as well as a parade of sail and power vessels used in the Waterfront Program.

     As the Head Sailing Coach, his teams sailed to victory in 2001 Kennedy Cup Championship and the 2008 Inter-collegiate Off Shore Sailing Championship. Buc teams competed in the 1999, 2001 and 2002 Student Yachting World Cups under his tutelage. Nearly 100 cadets have sailed internationally in Marion to Bermuda, Newport to Bermuda, Pineapple Cup, Jamaica Race, Key West Race, Mackinac Races and the Maxi Worlds in Spain in the last 5 years.)



    Anne "Annie" Hammerle, Staff Assistant Marine Operations Division

    Anne "Annie" Hammerle has been with the Academy since August 1981. She started out as the first switchboard operator in the Harrington Building and a few years later, was promoted to secretary to the Vice President of Administration and Finance. In 1992, she changed positions to become the secretary to the Director of Continuing Education and Center for Maritime Training. In November 2001,  she became the Administrative Secretary to CAPT Tom Bushy, Vice President, Marine Operations, and was then promoted to Staff Assistant in 2012 . 

    Andrew P. Kirk, Staff Assistant Yacht & Boat Donations Office

    Andrew is our newest member of the Yacht and Boat Donations Sailing Program.  He will be responsible for coaching the varsity sailing team, assist in offshore sailing and coordinate and supervise the summer sailing camps and assist in recruitment of cadets.  He will also be responsible for the maintenance, transportation and sales of donated vessels, and management of the satellite campus sailing faciltiy.

    William Klimm, Director Marine Department

    Henry W. "Bill" Klimm graduated from the Academy in 1984. He has been with the Academy since 1998 as the Assistant Director, Center for Maritime Training/Deputy Director of the Marine Department. In September 2004, he became the Assistant Director of the Marine Department and then to Director of the Marine Department in September 2005. He is responsible for the overall maintenance, storage and operation of all Academy vessels and as well as the preparation and underway testing and training of the lake model trainers for the Center for Maritime Training. Licenses and certifications include Master of Steam or Motor Vessels 1600 Tons (Domestic); 3,000 Gross Tons (Oceans), Master of Towing Vessels; STCW95; Basic Safety Training

    William Laffan, Director/Chief Engineer

    William P. "Bill" Laffan, "got out" in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine and Electrical Engineering. He has been back with the Academy since 1999. Bill started out serving as a Watchstander/Training Officer during Sea Term, then continued as Lab Instructor, Third Assistant Engineer, First Assistant Engineer and became Chief Engineer in April 2004. As Chief Engineer of the Training Ship he is in charge of the Engineering Department and responsible for the safe operation, maintenance, repair and efficiency of the main and auxiliary engineering systems throughout the ship. Licenses and Certifications include Chief Engineer of Steam, Motor and Gas Turbine Vessels of Any Horsepower; STCW95; State of Massachusetts Third Class Stationary Engineer License; Marine Firefighting Strategy and Tactics Certificate; Marine Firefighting Basic and Advanced Certificate; Slow Speed Diesel Operation and Maintenance Certificate; Steam Power Plant Operation Efficiency Certificate and Universal Refrigeration Technician.

    David Maccini, HVAC Mechanic II

    David Maccini joined the crew of the training ship in 2006.  He has over fifteen years of experience in the commercial, industrial, and residential HVAC industry.  His fabrication and welding skills are a strong addition to the training ship.  Responsibilties include installation, maintenance and repair of marine HVAC. refrigeration equipment and assisting with inspections and repairs during shipyard periods.  David possess a U.S. Merchant Mariner Document as Junior Engineer, QMED, Fireman/Watertender and QMED Oiler.  Additional certifications include:  EPA certified "Universal" Refrigeration Technician.

    Nancy E. McGinn, Clerk IV

    Nancy transferred from the Admission's Department to join the TS Kennedy training ship crew.  She provides clerical and administrative support to the ship's officer's as required.  Some of her duties are preparing documents for the  Master and Chief Mate, shipboard postings, maintenance rosters and accountability reports and data entry. 

    Hung "Tom" Pham, Staff Assoc./Ship's Safety Mgt. Coordinator

    Hung "Tom" Pham a 1994 graduate of the Academy, is the Ship's Safety Management Coordinator.  He is responsible for the administration of the Ship's Safety Management System, or its predecessors, as required by federal regulations, and to also maintain compliance standards for other federal directives applicable to ship's operations.  He provides oversight of EPA Vessel General Permitting requirements, provides oversight of the Ship's Oil Pollution and Emergency Planning (SOPEP) and maintains a liaison with the US DOT Maritime Administration Ship Operations Division.  Licensing and certifications include USCG Third Mate License, STCW I-95, OICNW, GMDSS, Radar Unlimited with ARPA, ISPS Vessel Security, Tankerman Assistant, STCW Fast Rescue.

    Meredith Randall, Administrative Assistant I Yacht and Boat Donations

    Meredith provides clerical, administrative and bookkeeping support for the Yacht & Boat Donations Office.  She assists the Director of Yacht & Boat Donations in the preparation and maintenance of all records and contracts related to the sale of auctioned boats and donated boats.  She also maintains the files and records related to varsity sailing and sailing camps and coordinating boat auctions.

    Sherie Ridley, Maintainer II

    Sherie Ridley has been with the Academy since December 1994 as the Maintainer II onboard the training ship. Sherie performs various general housekeeping needs and maintenance onboard the ship such as making up the beds and/or bunks and changing and laundering of linen as required. She accommodates campus guests, summer camps and/or cruise staff hotel services. She has also traveled to shipyards to perform such duties on our training ship while in drydock.

    Thomas "Tom" Tucker, Schoolship Repairman

    Melissa Turner, Second Mate

    Melissa Turner is a 2000 graduate of the academy who became our new Third Mate aboard the training ship in January 2014.  In December 2014, she became the Acting Second Mate.  As Second Mate, she will be assisting the Chief Mate in the administration an efficiency of the Deck Department, accomplish Second Mate navigational duties, as well as serving as Global Maritime Distress Safety System Operator and Vessel Security Officer.   Licenses and certifications include BS Degree in Marine Transportation with the concentration in Marine Safety and Environmental Protection;  1600 Ton Master;  Unlimited Chief Mate of Motor or Steam;  GMDSS Operator;  Vessel Security Officer

    Walter Yohai, Seaman II (Marine Dept.)

    Walter Yohai has been the Motor Equipment Mechanic in the Marine Department since January 2000.  He was recently been upgraded to Seaman II.   He assists in the repair, upkeep and improvement of all department vessels, buildings, equipment and vehicles. He also assists the Boat Donations program, Center for Maritime Training and the Training Ship when needed.