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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Dual Enrollment 2015 Admissions - Dual Enrollment 2015
Massachusetts Maritime Academy is excited to provide a Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program for qualified high school students. The program provides an opportunity for eligible high school students to enroll at MMA as non degree students and have the course credit be recognized toward degree completion.

Courses offered beginning in March include Chemistry I (3.5 cr), English Composition (3 cr), and Introduction to Emergency Management (3 cr).  There is no cost to students except the purchase of the text book. To qualify for dual enrollment, students must have greater than a 3.0 high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale), submit current transcripts, and be endorsed by their guidance counselor or school principal and parent/guardian. 

 Classes are held on Wednesday nights from 6-9pm, beginning March 4th. The last day of the program will be June 10th.

Course descriptions:

SM-1131- Chemistry I (3.5 credits)

An introduction to general chemistry, emphasizing descriptive chemistry, fundamental principles, and problem-solving techniques. Topics include measurements, periodic properties, chemical bonding, nomenclature, chemical reactions, and stoichiometry.[Lab time required]

HU-1111 - English Composition (3 credits)

English Composition guides students in discovering and creating meaning through language and writing and provides further guidance as they generate ideas and organize structures for reflection, persuasion, analysis, and argument. The course provides opportunities to critically read and examine various texts, to explore and analyze different rhetorical strategies, to develop and support a controlling idea and/or thesis statement, to study the writing process, and to revise meaningfully  and independently. It gives guidance in synthesizing and documenting information and offers suggestions for effective grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, or other mechanics, as needed. The course asks  students to collaborate with their classmates and instructor through team assignments, discussion, presentations, individual conferences  and, when appropriate, peer review. By focusing first on fluency, then on clarity, then on correctness, the course gives students ample opportunity to develop and refine their writing skills for various audiences  and purposes, both in and beyond college.

EM-2212 - Introduction to Emergency Management (3 credits)

An introduction to the disciplines, authorities, and policies involved in the field of emergency management. Topics include: hazard analysis and underlying social and environmental processes, vulnerability analysis, hazard mitigation, emergency response, and disaster recovery.

The first evening of classes will begin with an academic orientation seminar at the MMA campus. This seminar will explain and clarify expectations of college level course work, expected out-of-class time commitments for homework, readings and assignments, on campus library resources, and consequences should a student not successfully meet those expectations. A walking tour of campus will be offered to familiarize students with the resources available to them.

Applications for the program can be found here. The application deadline is February 6, 2015.


If you have questions contact Dione Eaton at or 508-830-5000508-830-5032.


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