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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Drug Free Workplace Policy President's Office - Drug Free Workplace Policy

Massachusetts Maritime Academy seeks to maintain an environment that is safe and secure and that promotes productivity for all students and employees. Full time employees’ offer of employment is contingent upon a successful drug screening process. Since the inappropriate or illegal use of alcohol and other drugs on Academy property or at Academy activities may impair the health and safety of students and employees, inhibit the personal and academic growth of students, lower productivity and the quality of work performed by employees, and undermine the public's confidence in the college, a strong policy prohibiting such use has been established.

All members of the Academy community are urged to carefully and seriously reflect on their personal responsibility to remain drug free and to demonstrate care and concern for others who may be experiencing a substance abuse problem through timely intervention and referral.

An employee of the Academy (including student employees) shall not unlawfully manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess or use controlled substances or alcohol on Academy property or in conjunction with any Academy activity, whether work-related or non-work related. Alcohol may not be served at any Academy sponsored employee activity without the express permission of the appropriate Vice President or the President.

Any employee who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action. For unit employees, this disciplinary action will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Disciplinary action may include suspension from employment, mandatory participation in an alcohol/drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program as a condition of continuing employment, or termination of employment. Violations of criminal law will also be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Any employee who is convicted of a workplace violation of any criminal drug statute must notify the Director of Human Resources of that conviction in writing no later than five days after such conviction. If the employment of any employee so convicted is partially or fully federally funded, the Academy will notify the federal agency providing those funds of the conviction.

It is the policy of Massachusetts Maritime Academy to enforce all state and federal laws pertaining to controlled substances and to prosecute individuals who violate those laws on Academy property.

The Academy encourages employees who believe they have a problem with respect to the use of drugs or alcohol to seek assistance. Employees who are enrolled in any of the health insurance plans offered through the Group Insurance Commission should consult their plan booklets or service offices to determine which programs may be paid through their health insurance. Employees who need to enter a residential treatment program may wish to consult with the Director of Human Resources to be advised of applicable policies and procedures for such absences.

Certain employees who possess U. S. Coast Guard licenses or merchant mariner documents, or employees involved in safety related assignments in the marine environment, must participate in random screening appropriate to the requirements of 46 CFR Part 16 "Chemical Testing".

Employees who have questions about this policy should contact Human Resources at extension 5092.


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