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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Angela Chao Speaks From the Heart Admissions - Angela Chao Speaks From the Heart

Angela Chao speaks with International Maritime Business classmates
An (almost) second time intern with Foremost Group, a New York-based shipping, trading, and finance enterprise, 2/C John Gallagher asked his boss, Angela Chao, if she would come and speak to his International Maritime Business classmates. She agreed.

Working with Angela Chao as an Intern
Gallagher, a 2011 graduate of Pope John XXIII in Sparta, NJ, and current IMB major, was so enthusiastic about his first internship with Foremost Group that he convinced Angela Chao, Foremost’s Deputy Chairman, to share some thoughts and experiences with his fellow students while on a recent trip to Boston. “She began with very informative technical explanations of the dry bulk shipping company explaining vessel size and cargo transported. Shortly after this introduction, Ms. Chao told an impressive and inspiring story about a young Dr. Chao, her father. The emotional change in her voice was apparent as she passionately told the story of how her father came to this country and built Foremost Group from the ground up. Because immigration laws were strict in the 50s, Dr. Chao had to leave his wife and kids in China in order to start his life in the States. After 3 years they were reunited and continued to build their family as well the Foremost Group,” Gallagher recalled.

A Moral Takeaway from Angela Chao
The cadet Gallagher went on to report, “Ms. Chao wove lessons and morals, which are so important for any businessperson, into her heart-warming story. She spoke of the value of honesty, hard work, and the importance of treating employees with respect and consideration. A company’s employees are their front line. She emphasized the need to be inventive and forward thinking in all areas. Ms. Chao cautioned that in the maritime industry, if you are just keeping up with everyone else, you are already behind. She explained how a ship takes three years to build and because of this you must think ahead. Similarly, when times are good you must save and plan for the bad times. When times are bad you invest and plan ahead to the good times.”

Angela Chao enthusiastically answered all questions raised by the cadets and was particularly delighted to meet and converse with the foreign exchange students from Shanghai Maritime University and Dalian Maritime University. Interestingly enough, Ms. Chao said she would not use a Power Point presentation but would speak from her heart … and she did. Needless to say, Cadet Gallagher is really looking forward to his upcoming second internship with the Foremost Group.  

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