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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Words of the Day – Social Media Admissions - Words of the Day – Social Media

Everyone knows the Academy “walks the walk”! They also “talk the talk” – Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Pintrest, e-mail, YouTube – electronic-ese so to speak. If young people are communicating with one another using one of these new techno speaks, then the Academy has or will use it to get the word out!

MMA has jumped in to the ever evolving world of social media in a big way. Facebook and Twitter are used to engage prospective students, current students and alumni. Active YouTube and Flickr accounts attract the public and help them share in the maritime experience. These visual aids assist prospective students to imagine themselves as potential cadets and alumni relive some of their greatest, most memorable college experiences. In the last year, MMA’s follower base has increased over 1000 fans from the previous year. Sea Term related posts and cadet highlight stories with pictures and or supporting video of the cadets in their element attract the most hits.

Integrating or blending these modern forms of communication with traditional methods, is a real balancing act. Make sure to Log-on, Link-in, Like or Heart something as the Academy continues to harness various social media platforms - showcasing each of MMA's programs, not just traditional license track majors, but non-licensed as well. Academic departments will be able to reach out to students, staff and alumni, highlighting and sharing stories about their experiences in the classroom, sea term, internships and careers.

Embracing this “off with the old and on with the new”, MMA continues to retain and pursue the best and the brightest cadets by speaking their language - internally as well as externally and most important – fluently!

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