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G. H. Towing is one of the oldest and most progressive towing companies on the Texas Gulf Coast. G. & H’s vision is to be the most respected tug ship-assist in the country, and in their words, “Massachusetts Maritime Academy plays a role in that vision by providing the best educated mariners around!” Currently, they employ four MMA grads, two on land and two at sea.*

Brittany Riordan is a 2004 graduate of Westerly High School, RI, and an ’08 MMA graduate with an MSEP major and International Business minor. Today, she is G & H Towing’s Director of Safety and Environmental Compliance. “I discovered G&H at MMA’s 2011 fall career fair. I had worked as a Business Management Consultant for 3 ½ years and was ready for a different sort of challenge. I received an email from my soon-to-be-boss shortly after the career fair and the rest is history,” she recalled. Riordan was hired as Assistant Director of Safety & Compliance and promoted to Director one and a half years later. She is also a two time Ironman finisher with sights on a third competition in 2014, teaches piano once a week to an eleven year old boy and is an avid fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis. Today, her favorite things are her two puppies and wonderful fiancée.

“I will always remember the following from MMA orientation: work hard for four years, party for the rest of your life. If you want to party for 4 years, go elsewhere - and work hard for the rest of your life.” she recalled. “By working hard at MMA you set yourself apart from the typical college graduate. You will set yourself up for not only a career but endless opportunities.” Riordan finished.

G & H’s newest MMA grad is Rachel Johnson. She graduated from Chatham High School, Chatham MA, in 2009 and last year from the Academy with a degree in MSEP. “I was focusing my job search on the Houston area-one of the fastest growing cities and economic areas in the country. A professor told me to contact Brittany about some first hand info on careers on the Gulf Coast. It just happened she was the Director of Safety at one of the most well-known harbor tug companies in the Gulf. Brittany provided me with some guidance, and coincidentally a position opened up in her department!” Johnson recalled.

Rachel is now a Safety Specialist at G & H and reports to Brittany Riordan! “I can certainly say that as far as my job in concerned, the skills I learned by being involved in the Regiment, as squad leader and especially as the Regimental Adjutant, are the ones I use most in my day to day job. The ability to organize, manage my time, interact with others, and meet deadlines were all honed through that leadership simulator,” she noted. Prospective students should never be afraid to step out of their comfort zone!” Johnson added. 

When all is said and done, hard work, reputation … and contacts pay off! A sense of adventure never hurts either!

*The two employees who work ocean side are MMA grads – '06 grad Ed Hichborn (Port Engineer) and '10 grad Cedric Casby (Mate).

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