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CMA 2014
The Connecticut Maritime Association hosted it's Annual Conference and Trade show, known as the "Shipping" event. For some it was their first experience at such a large event and for others it was another opportunity to reconnect with their peers and sharpen their networking skills. Below are the stories of 2C Jason Gallagher and 3C Courtney Collins at the CMA and WISTA luncheon.

CMA 2014: The Mother of all Maritime Conferences
2/C John Gallagher

Tuesday March 18, 2014 I attended the Connecticut Maritime Association Conference with 55 International Maritime Business students including 13 Chinese Exchange Students who are visiting for the semester.  One thing I continue to realize with every step I take further into the maritime industry is the power of connections. The shipping industry is a community, and I use the word community on purpose, because everyone knows one another. Not taking that too literally, when someone from the industry walks into a conference or gala like I attended this week it is not long before they run into someone whom they have met before at a similar gathering. I know this must be true because I have only just begun to stick my toe in the water and this phenomenon has already begun to occur. CMA 2014 was a massive maritime networking event in Stamford, CT with about 2500 participants as documented on their link (For full article click here)

WISTA 2014 Lunch, Stamford, CT on 3/17/14
3/C Courtney Collins

Attending the Woman’s International Shipping and Trade Association (WISTA) lunch in was one of the most useful and interesting events I have attended while being an IMB student at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. This lunch in was both educational and exciting. I was able to network with various companies in the shipping industry and learn about all of the opportunities I will have after leaving MMA. When we arrived to Connecticut the seven other girls and I got to look around at all of the company booths and scope all of the businesses that were here. After we finished, we were told to pick a table in the main ballroom to begin our lunch. At first I was a little nervous, but excited because there were so many people and we had to find a table to introduce ourselves to. I ended up finding a table with four gentlemen, where I then introduced my self. I told them my name, where I was from, what major I am, and that I attend Massachusetts Maritime Academy. (For full article click here)

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