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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - INSLC History INSLC 18 - INSLC History
Today’s International Navigation Simulator Lecturers’ Conference (INSLC) was established in 1979 as the International Radar Simulator Teachers Workshop (IRSTW), the first meeting was held in Liverpool, in 1980.

INSLC has since then played an important role in promoting best practice in the use of navigation simulators in the training of nautical ship officers and masters, and in the use of such simulators in research.

Lecturers using navigation simulators at maritime academies and universities worldwide have benefited from the exchange of knowledge, experiences and views with colleagues at and between INSL Conferences and as members of a steadily evolving expert network.

The tremendous developments in electronic navigation and simulator potential are reflected in the titles of the Conference. The first four meetings were held as International Radar Simulator Teachers’ Workshops (IRSTW); the following two meetings as International Radar and Navigation Simulator Lecturers Conferences (IRNSLC), and from 1992 the word Radar was dropped to reflect the change towards a more integrated concept of navigation.

This resulted in the acronym of INSLC. INSLC is a conference of IMLA, the International Maritime Lecturers Association (that has consultative status at IMO and can therefore bring INSLC conclusions to the attention of IMO).

Venues, acronyms of titles, and years of previous workshops and conferences:
  1. Liverpool, UK IRSTW 1 1980
  2. Bremen, FRG IRSTW 2 1982
  3. Hong Kong IRSTW 3 1983
  4. Mariehamn, Finland IRSTW 4 1986
  5. Launceston, Australia IRNSLC 5 1988
  6. St. Malo, France IRNSLC 6 1990
  7. New York, NY, USA INSLC 7 1992
  8. Shanghai, China INSLC 8 1994
  9. Vancouver, BC, Canada INSLC 9 1996
  10. Plymouth, UK INSLC 10 1998
  11. Kalmar, Sweden INSLC 11 2000
  12. Vallejo, CA, USA INSLC 12 2002
  13. Tokyo, Japan INSLC 13 2004
  14. Genoa, Italy INSLC 14 2006
  15. St. John’s, NL, Canada INSLC 15 2008
  16. Dalian, China INSLC 16 2010
  17. Warnemünde, Germany INSLC 17 2012
  18. Buzzards Bay, MA, USA INSLC 18 2014

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