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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - 50-50 Gets Big High Fives Admissions - 50-50 Gets Big High Fives

2/c Danielle Soar (2nd from right) represented MMA at the State House
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Legislature has moved to approve a 50/50 split of the costs of higher education in their nine campus State University System. To date, this system educates more than 50,000 students each year, granting over 10,000 degrees annually.

Eighty-five percent of these graduates remain in state! The commitment of the Legislature to move to an equitable 50/50 split of higher education costs between the students and the Commonwealth will ensure that the State University programs are able to maintain academic excellence and affordability.

Fourteen MMA cadets, along with representatives from the other eight state universities, recently visited the State House to give the reps a very personal “thank you” for helping reduce the overall cost of higher education and consequently, student debt. 4/C Lydia Tesson-Legnine, a recent Wellfleet High School (MA) alum, and current MMA Freshman hopes to major in Marine Engineering and ship out after graduation. “Although I’d never heard of students going to thank their reps in person, I signed on because I am certainly grateful to be a MMA cadet. I have known about the Academy since seventh grade and have taken a number of courses even before I became a freshman,” she noted.

1/C Daniel Dunn, South Weymouth High School (MA) grad and current Emergency Management major was also at the State House to shake a few hands and offer a heartfelt thank you! “Once I began looking into the school I was intrigued by the Emergency Management major and the different style of higher education MMA offered. It has been a good experience overall and I have applied for the MARGRAD Program offered to all Maritime Academy graduates,” Dunn stated. This cadet is taking full advantage of this top-notch educational system by jumping into the Master’s program immediately after his graduation.

Each of the other twelve MMA cadets had reasons to extend their thanks for the Legislature and Governor’s historic investment in the Massachusetts Public Higher Education system. They are simply too numerous to mention. The gratitude of students and their families is also too big to quantify.

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