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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Sea Term Preparation Checklist Marine Operations - Sea Term Preparation Checklist
Things to do before Sea Term:
  • get prescription medicines for 2 months to cover the whole sea term
  • bring a small bag with a luggage lock or a lock box to store meds
  • get an up to date epi-pen if you have a prescription for these
  • extra contact lenses; obtain and bring glasses (easier to use in an emergency)
  • dental check-up, treatment for any dental pain (very limited dental care on the ship)
  • 2nd Hep A vaccine if you have not already received it
  • highly recommend getting a flu shot if you have not already
  • talk with your phone carrier to understand how to avoid roaming charges in port, how to get an international plan if desired, how to use free voice over internet apps like skype or viber
  • talk with your doctor or us ahead of time for prevention methods if you are highly prone to motion sickness

Sea Bag Requirements
Sea Term Excursions

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