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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Singing a New Tune Admissions - Singing a New Tune

MMA is a 122 year old college with a distinguished history and many traditions. It is a small school, complete with its share of sports rivalries and more than it’s share of distinguished alumni. Today, it offers seven majors, a sea term that takes cadets around the world on a 540’ training ship. Admittance is not automatic.

Applicants can find them selves on a wait list … and … the Academy is listed directly after Harvard on a recent return on investment study of colleges and universities that give you the most bang for your buck. But, this college did not have everything until last fall. It didn’t have an “appropriate” fight song.

Lt. Wayne Magee, Assistant Director of Student Services and Director of Bands and Honor Guard, decided to do something about that. "There needed to be a  tune to represent the academy's progress in a positive light, something a bit more "PG", something that could be sung in public,” he said. Magee decided to put a bid out for the music and challenge cadets to write the lyrics.

“I selected the composer of the music, Steve Martin, of Reno Nevada, after meeting him at a National music conference in Chicago last December. I shared my vision and he quickly spoke of his passion for doing something that he, as a composer, had not done. He wanted to challenge himself to create music that would hopefully out live him.” Magee remembered. 

Fight song lyrics were composed by 3/C Jake Daly, Douglas High School class of 2012 (Douglas, MA) and current Marine Transportation major. His song was selected by popular vote of Academy faculty, staff and students. Three songs were submitted and voting was done on line. “I wanted to write something that embodied the pride and spirit of the Academy - something that would stand the test of time,” Daly said. “It was great to finally hear the lyrics put to music and arranged into a score that the Regimental Band can play at football games, Morning Formation and any other appropriate events,” he continued.

Tune in to YouTube and listen here!

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