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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Plan of the Day (POD) ComCad - Plan of the Day (POD)

POD - SP2014-83 JUNE 12, 2014   ACTIONS ITEMS:

ASDO:                  0800-1500            LCDR PINERO                     1500-0800            LT KELLEY

All cadets are required to have a Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC) by September 2014. 

Go to www.TSA/TWIC.  Upon returning in September, 3/C will provide two copies of their TWIC to Ms. Carol Sylvia in the Commandant's Office.

ATTENTION 1/C MTRA & MENG:  Any 1/C MENG and MTRA that still has their MMC on their person must return it to the office of CDR Huhnke NOW, per policy.  If you do not return your MMC, you will not receive our documents at graduation.  

1/C CLASS PLANNING TO GRADUATE:  Your Maintenance Duty is a graduation requirement that must be completed prior to 21 June.  Any outstanding hours must be made up now.  This applies to all regimental cadets and regimental commuters.  Your documents and diploma will be withheld until your requirement is completed.  Please see Nancy McGinn, located on the Quarter Deck of the TS Kennedy to schedule your hours.