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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Sitting On the Dock of the Bay? Admissions - Sitting On the Dock of the Bay?

Well, there’s not much sitting…and technically it’s Boston Harbor, but Spectacle Island Marina is a FUN place to be in the summer. And getting paid to be there is a dream come true for six Academy cadets.

Today, Spectacle Island, located in Boston Harbor, is a one hundred and five acre State and Federal park with a colorful history. In 600 AD Native Americans fished there. In the late 1800’s people gambled there. It housed a trash incinerator until 1935 but in the 90’s city workers capped the Island with tons of dirt and clay from the Big Dig and turned it into a park. Spectacle is the only island in Boston Harbor with a marina and the only one manned exclusively by MMA cadets. Cadets tie up boats that want to come in and charge them using a credit card machine. They are also required to fill out basic paperwork and maintain a logbook.

3/C Emily McDonough is a Marine Engineering major, a 2012 grad of North Quincy High School, North Quincy MA and one of the lucky summer employees. She pilots the boat to and from Hingham to Spectacle, navigating by GPS. She is also responsible for the basic maintenance of the boat. “In high school I was the captain for the varsity cheerleading team for football and basketball season. I chose MMA because I love hands on projects as well as math and sciences. I knew I wanted to be an engineer, so what better school than the Academy? The job placement, low tuition, and excellent reputation of graduates was just something I couldn't pass up,” McDonough noted. “My summer job is pretty remarkable as well,” she added.

1/C Ryan Gorman, also a Marine Engineering major and 2010 grad of North Quincy High, is another happy Marina employee. “I’ve gained valuable experience in seamanship and customer relations while working here which will definitely help in my post graduate career. I am hoping to ship out for a few years. The Academy’s marine engineering program has provided excellent classroom and hands-on training and should offer a number of exciting placement opportunities,” Gorman noted.

MMA has a fabled, post grad placement reputation. Not so well known, but just as real, is the Academy track record in finding and placing cadets in part time and summer employment.

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