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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Orientation - Letter from Regimental Commander Admissions - Orientation - Letter from Regimental Commander
Dear Cadet Candidates: On behalf of the Regiment of Cadets, I would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. It takes a distinctive individual to be a cadet in our Regiment, and your acceptance is evidence you contain the ability to succeed at MMA. Orientation 2013 is quickly approaching and you must arrive physically and mentally prepared.

Through MMA's 122 years of proud tradition, Orientation is the first of many opportunities for you to excel at the Academy. During Orientation, you will strengthen the personal traits that will contribute to your success at the Academy and which make MMA graduates so special: integrity, self-discipline, attention to detail and responsibility. The completion of Orientation is a tremendous achievement and is the first of many challenges you will overcome. Afterwards you will be confident in your ability to embark on a successful career at MMA. There are six requirements that you must complete successfully to graduate from Orientation 2013.

The requirements are: Firefighting, Watch Keeping, Personal Water Survival, Commandant's Inspection, Cadet Candidate (Youngie) Comprehensive Knowledge Exam and the Physical Fitness Test. Here are seven key points to assist you in your preparation for a successful Orientation:

1. Begin a physical training program now. The minimum requirements for males include the completion of a 1-mile run in ten minutes, twenty pushups in two minutes and twenty stomach crunches in two minutes. To obtain the maximum score of 300, males must complete the run in six minutes, do 80 pushups in two minutes and 100 stomach crunches in two minutes.

The minimum requirements for females include the completion of a 1-mile run in eleven minutes, twenty bent-knee pushups in two minutes and twenty stomach crunches in two minutes. To obtain the maximum score of 300, females must complete the run in seven minutes, do sixty bent-knee pushups in two minutes and eighty stomach crunches in two minutes.

2. Cadet Candidates who receive a score between 275 – 299 on the physical fitness test will receive the Commander's Physical Fitness Award. Those who score a perfect 300 will receive the Admiral's Physical Fitness Award. Contact the MMA Business Office at 508-830-5085 or 6411 to ensure all payments, loans and scholarships are cleared prior to Orientation.

3. Ensure that your sea bag cost has been paid prior to Orientation by contacting the Academy Uniform Shop at 508-830-6488. Without the required uniforms, you will not be able to participate in Orientation. Financial aid and scholarships cannot be applied to sea bag costs.

4. Arrive for Orientation 2013 at the parade field located outside of Pande Hall (mess deck) between 0900 and 1030 on Saturday, 17 August 2013. Dress appropriately for the weather and wear sneakers. A cookout lunch will be provided for all Cadet Candidates and their families. Cadet Candidates will eat for free, but their guests will be charged a small fee.

5. Review the Class of 2017 link on the MMA web page, (The link is located on the home page, to the left of the central slideshow). Much of the “Youngie Knowledge� that you will be required to memorize verbatim during Orientation is posted there. It is highly recommended that you start memorizing the knowledge now.

6. If you do not know how to swim, start learning now. The American Red Cross and the YMCA offer several learn to swim programs.

7. Complete and return the MMA Health Packet as soon as possible. You will not be allowed to participate in Orientation until the forms are completed, received and reviewed by our Health Director. If you have health related questions, contact Rosemary Morrissey, in Health Services at 508-830-5000 ext. 1477 or by email at

Orientation 2013 Graduation will be held on Friday, 30 August 2013 at 2000 (8:00 pm). Immediately prior to the graduation ceremonies, the annual Marching Competition will take place at 1830 (6:30 pm). Family, friends and guests are invited to all events on this day. I look forward to your arrival.

Best Regards, 1/C Taylor Inkley, Regimental Commander

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