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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Orientation - What to Bring Admissions - Orientation - What to Bring
The following list contains the items that you are to bring to Orientation.

Athletic Shoes: All Cadet Candidates will arrive on Saturday, 16 August wearing a pair of sneakers.  They should be all or mostly white and reasonably broken in.  Your sneakers will be worn for many activities. 

Automobiles:   Freshmen will be allowed to have a car on campus during Orientation only.  Freshmen will not be permitted to park on campus throughout at least the fall semester.   

Bathing Suits: Male cadets must bring plain navy blue or black swim trunks, no “Speedos”.  Females must bring a conservative one-piece navy blue or black bathing suit.

Batteries:  Six (6) AA cell batteries.

Bedding:  Two (2) plain white pillowcases, four (4) flat plain white sheets to fit a twin bed, one (1) white standard pillow, and one (1) dark, solid colored blanket are required.  

Eyeglasses/Contact Lenses
: If you wear glasses, bring an extra pair with you.  If contact lenses are worn, bring a spare set and/or pair of glasses. 

Grooming Standards (female): Hair will not be worn below the shirt collar in length or excessively bulky on the sides.  Hair shall not interfere with the proper military covers (hats). If you opt not to cut your hair, then ensure you bring the required items to hold your hair back/up and keep it in place.  Barrettes and clips must be of similar color to your hair.  Bobby pins are highly recommended.

Grooming Standards (male): Report with a crew cut (#1 setting on hair clippers all the way around).  Facial hair and sideburns are prohibited. 

Gym Socks: Bring at least fourteen (14) pairs of white “over-the-calf” athletic socks to augment the socks issued by the uniform store.  Socks will not be washed during Orientation, so ensure to bring extra pairs.

Hangers:  Cadet Candidates are required to bring eight (8) white plastic clothes hangers. 

Jackknife:  All Cadet Candidates will bring a jackknife with a blade 2-4 inches.  The knife will be used primarily for cutting rope and need not have special features.  Absolutely no sheath knives are permitted. 

Jewelry:  No jewelry of any type will be worn, including body piercings, and should be left at home.  This includes watches, although they are permitted and recommended after Orientation.

Mail:  Mail is not allowed for Cadet Candidates during Orientation, but is acceptable afterwards.  If something of urgent nature needs to be sent, contact LT Mike Kelley at 508-830-5000 x1411 or via email at  Following Orientation, all cadets will be given a mail box number that will remain constant throughout the cadet’s enrollment at the Academy.

  You must bring required personal medications.  Medications requiring refrigeration must be stored in the Academy dispensary.  Please call Dr. Jeff Cukor (508) 830-5046 if you need special arrangements for your medication.

Money:  Cadet Candidates do not need to bring any money for Orientation.  In the instance when a Cadet Candidate might need money to pay for emergency prescriptions or hospital/doctor visits during Orientation, money will be provided to the Cadet Candidate and then subsequently billed.  If you plan to stay on campus between the end of Orientation and the beginning of the fall semester, the mess deck will not be open, so you will need money to dine in local establishments.  

Musical Instruments
: If you were in an organized marching band in high school or play an instrument, you may bring it with you to Orientation.  The Academy band encourages your participation, and you will be an integral part of Orientation Graduation ceremonies on 30 August 2013.  Do not bring instruments intended for personal enjoyment (guitar, banjo, harmonica, etc) at this time. 

Passports:  If you do not have a passport, you must apply for your passport now.  Our Sea Term always includes foreign ports and passports are mandatory.  You do not need to bring your passport to Orientation.

Personal Computers: Though mandatory during the academic year, they will not be permitted for Orientation.  If you are traveling a great distance and/or this is your only opportunity to bring this equipment, then you may bring it to Orientation but it will be stored for the 2-week period.  To arrange storage for your computer, call LT Magee at (508) 830-5000 ext. 1202 after August 1st.  The dormitories are fully networked (LAN and Internet).  Information regarding what specifications are needed can be found on the website and by clicking here.

Physicals:  This is extremely important.  All Cadet Candidates will need to submit a physical exam report, which has been screened by the Academy medical personnel.  If you have not submitted a physical by the start of Orientation you may not be allowed to participate in the program.  Any medical difficulties that may have arisen since the physical exam was done should be brought to the attention of Academy Officers immediately after reporting for Orientation. Click here to view and print these forms.

Robe: Standard navy blue, black or white required.  This will only be used enroute to/from the shower. 

Shoe/Metal Polish: Leather shoes are polished to regimental standards.  Cadet Candidates will report with a tin of black shoe polish (Kiwi or similar brand) and a suitable brush.  In addition, a can of Brasso or similar metal polish (Never Dull) is required. 

Shower Shoes
: Flip-flop style, waterproof sandals are required. 

Sweatshirt:  All Cadet Candidates are required to bring a plain, gray sweatshirt (no logos or insignia).  Gray or Navy Blue “MMA” sweatshirts are acceptable and are available from the Academy store, (508) 830-6488. 

Tobacco Products
: The entire MMA campus is 100% smoke free and tobacco free.  Any tobacco products (i.e. cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, dip, etc.) are strictly prohibited.

Toiletries:  Bring your own personal toiletries.  Hair dryers, clippers and electric razors are not authorized during Orientation. 

Towels:  Cadet Candidates should bring three (3) white bath towels. 

Underwear:  All Cadet Candidates must bring at least a two (2) week supply of white undergarments.   It is not uncommon to use two pair of underwear per day.  White crew neck (round neck) undershirts are required for all Cadet Candidates, both male and female.  V-neck or tank style undershirts are not authorized.  Underwear, white t-shirts and socks will NOT be washed during Orientation.  Only issued PT gear (blue shorts, blue shirts, gold shirts) will be washed for Cadet Candidates.

Youngie Gear: All Cadet Candidates must bring the following as part of their Youngie Gear:
-one sandwich-sized ziplock bag
-one book of matches
-one black pen
-one white cloth handkerchief
-one pocket-sized notebook

: During the academic year (after graduation from orientation), all freshmen will require a wristwatch and basic non-music alarm clock.  TV’s, radios, clock-radios, iPods or similar electronic appliances are not allowed the entire first year. 

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