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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Sea Term Deja Vu Admissions - Sea Term Deja Vu

Photo: Mrs. Conway, PMIS
Plymouth Middle and Intermediate schools recently hosted a number of MMA cadets who presented the final chapter of Follow the Voyage – a program designed to share Sea Term with interested elementary students.

Follow the Voyage has been a great way to apply STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) topics in fun, surprising ways. Reading blogs, “Googling” earth, answering questions, charting courses, learning nautical language, and figuring out geographical locations are some of the ways the young students follow MMA cadets on their annual, six week sea voyage. 

Three cadets, 4/C Sophie Segatore, MMA Marine Engineering major and alum of Plymouth High School, Plymouth, MA; 3/C John Albani, Marine Transportation major, graduate of Norfolk County Agricultural School, Dedham, MA: and 3/C Kelci Sullivan, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection major and graduate of Witman-Hanson Regional High School, Hanson, MA, donated their time and expertise over several grades and several weeks, bringing even more hands-on learning to some of their local “Landlubber Crew”.  

The cadets conducted a buoyancy experiment with one class and gave a PowerPoint presentation to a group of classes. Another visit found them tossing beach balls that looked like globes, showing students how to gather data and calculate the percentage of land and ocean.

These upbeat, spirited exchanges were not all “give” the cadets recalled.  We took away some great feedback.  Some of the best comments were:
 "How awesome you go to school on a ship."
 "I was really impressed to learn that 75 people can fit in one lifeboat.  I hope that MMA gets more girls because we can do everything boys do just as well."
 "I like knowing that your college is a hand-on school, so I am thinking it would be a good college for me."
 "Thanks for the awesome presentation.  I really like how you get to try all the majors before you pick one.  It sounded cool to go to all of the ports, especially horseback riding in the ocean in Jamaica."

Congratulations to all for a voyage well done!

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