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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Meet the Beat Admissions - Meet the Beat

The astronomer Galileo observed that the universe "is written in the language of mathematics". The extent to which our world is governed by mathematical ideas is remarkable. An even more surprising fact is that music, with all its passion and emotion, is also based upon mathematical relationships.

John G. Miles, Esq., class of 1947, is credited with founding the Academy Band. It had eight members and started out with three tunes.  For almost seventy years the Band has functioned as the heartbeat of the Regiment; it calls the cadence, it sounds retreat.  The drums summon the Regiment to quarters each morning, and bugles put cadets to sleep every night. Until recently the Honor Guard and Band functioned as two separate units, coming together in 2007 in the newest Academy unit – 7th Company.  And ninety-eight percent of Band members are engineering or business majors – numbers folk!  For some, music is a sport for the mind and soul – a great way to unwind.

In 2008, Lt. Wayne Magee signed on as 7th Company Officer and Director of Bands and Honor Guard.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Youngstown University’s Dana School of Music and is working on a Masters in Leadership Science at Northeastern. Under his leadership, Band membership has grown from seventeen to over fifty.  In addition to the Marching or Field Band, there is a Concert Band, a Jazz ensemble, a Tuba quartet, Chorus and of course the Honor Guard.  They play a LOT more than three tunes now!  The company performs at military and civilian events, funerals, weddings and parades during fall and spring semesters.  Seventh Company travels over fifty-two hundred miles a year and has performed in several nationally recognized events in Boston, New York City, New Port, Rhode Island, Orlando, Florida and the District of Columbia.

For the first time since it’s inception the Band has a Drum Major.  He is 2/C Jason Boucher, 2010 grad of Stafford High School, Stafford Springs, CT and current Emergency Management major. “As far back as I can remember, I wanted to become an officer in the military.  I looked at the service academies as well as other regimented schools but MMA seemed the best fit.  It has not disappointed.  Since I have always been something of a “Band geek”, I signed right on. The experience has increased my sense of purpose tenfold,” he stated. 2/C Amelia Crane graduated from Barnstable, Barnstable, MA and, is currently a Marine Engineering major.  Also a talented musician, Crane reports, “The school does not have a large enough population of stringed instrument players for me to organize an orchestra.  So, I decided to put my time and effort into singing and am acting as Chorus Director for this semester.”

The Regimental Band is open to all musicians who have a basic knowledge of music notation and terminology.  More importantly, the Regimental Band is for any cadet who has a passion for his/her instrument and a love for playing and performing music. 

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