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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Mathematics Score Information Academic Resource Center - Mathematics Score Information

Interpreting the College-Level Mathematics Score


Score of 95 or above:

A student scoring in this range will be placed into Calculus I during the first semester at MMA.

Score below 95:

All students scoring less than 95 will be placed in Algebra & Trigonometry. The following requirements apply to students enrolled in this course:

The course must be passed and is a prerequisite for participation in sea term.

The course must be passed by the end of a student’s second semester or the student will not be permitted to enroll for a third semester.

Recommendations and Requirements

Scores between 40 and 94:

Many students in this score range still find Algebra & Trigonometry challenging and benefit from remedial work and tutoring. By no means does such a score guarantee success in the course. All students are urged to seek out those resources available at MMA to support students enrolled in Algebra & Trigonometry. These resources include supplemental computerized mathematics instruction (ALEKS) and no-cost tutoring at the Academy’s Academic Resource Center.

Scores below 40:

With a score of less than 40, a student is considered in need of mathematics remediation. Historical data show that students scoring less than 40 have a significantly reduced chance of success in the Algebra & Trigonometry course. Although the student will be placed in Algebra & Trigonometry, the student will find the course very challenging and will struggle to learn new concepts and skills without the benefit of having mastered those skills expected of entering college students. The student must take full advantage of the additional resources the Academy offers to help him or her succeed. The student will be subject to course load restrictions and mandatory tutoring (see below) unless he or she successfully completes one of the following options:


1.  Enroll in and successfully complete  the ALEKS "MMA Prep for Algebra/Trig Summer 2015"  course according to the criteria outlined at the following link: ALEKS Option

2. Complete an Intermediate Algebra course at MMA during the summer and earn no lower than a “C” grade.

3.  Complete a course in Intermediate Algebra at another accredited institution of higher education, earning no lower than a "B"  grade. The student must request that an official transcript showing the course and grade be sent by the institution to the MMA Registrar’s Office.

Course Load Restrictions and Mandatory Tutoring:

A student who does not successfully complete one of the above options will be limited to a 12-credit semester course load in the fall semester AND will be required to complete six (6) hours of mandatory tutoring per week offered at no charge by the Academy through its Academic Resource Center.

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