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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Program - Undergraduate Major International Maritime Business - Program - Undergraduate Major
The undergraduate major in International Maritime Business consists of courses spanning across the business disciplines and from the global business of shipping. Successful completion of these courses leads to a Bachelor of Science in International Maritime Business.

Semester One

  • HU-1111: English Composition
  • SM-1111: Algebra & Trigonometry
  • SM-1131: Chemistry I
  • EN-1112: Engineering Systems & Safety
  • MT-1111: Vessel Familiarization & BST
Semester Two
  • GESM-5: Science & Mathematics Group II
  • HU-1222: Analysis & Interpretation of Literature
  • SM-1212: Calculus I --or-- SM-1214: Applied Calculus
  • SS-2131: Microeconomics
  • IM-1214: Foundations in Business Computing
Semester Three
  • GESM-6: Science & Mathematics Group III
  • SM-2117: Quantitative Methods for Business
  • IM-1212: Macroeconomics for Business
  • IM-2121: Principles of Accounting I
  • HU-xxxx: Foreign Language I
Semester Four
  • SS-1211: Western Civilization
  • IM-1211: Organization Management
  • IM-2211: The Business of Shipping
  • IM-2221: Principles of Accounting II
  • IM-3133: Finance I
Semester Five
  • SS-2121: American Government
  • SS-3225: Admiralty & Maritime Law
  • IM-3111: Transportation Operations Management
  • IM-3233: Finance II
  • IM-3241: Principles of Marketing
  • IM-3122: Business Analysis
Semester Six
  • GEHU-3: Humanities Group I
  • GESS-5: Social Science Group III
  • HU-6072: Business Communications
  • SS-3221: Business Law
  • IM-3231: Vessel Chartering & Brokerage
  • IM-4211: Business Ethics & Negotiation
Semester Seven
  • MT-3252: Port & Terminal Operations Management
  • IM-4111: Marine Insurance
  • IM-4112: International Business & Ocean Shipping
  • IM-4151: Global Business Logistics
  • XX-xxxx: Free Elective
Semester Eight
  • GEHU-4: Humanities Group I or II
  • IM-4212: Capstone Seminar in IMB
  • IM-xxxx: IMB Elective I
  • IM-xxxx: IMB Elective II
  • XX-xxxx: Free Elective II
Sea Term(s) and Cooperatives
In addition to the above, students must complete the following:
  • ST-0999: Sea Term
  • ST-2321: Sea Term or Independent Study
  • IM-3311: Cooperative I: IMB
  • IM-4311: Cooperative II: IMB
Note: This program of study is as published in the 2012-2013 College Catalog.

In the College Catalog, you will also be able to find course descriptions.

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