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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Degree Minors Social Science - Degree Minors

American Studies MinorDepartments of Social Science and Humanities

The minor in American Studies by the Departments of Humanities and Social Science is designed to expose students to a range of approaches to American culture. The focus of this minor will provide students with a greater understanding of American cultural identity as shaped by history, literature, and artistic endeavor. Such a minor will be of value to all students desiring greater identification with America, from those seeking careers in the United States military and to those simply desiring a greater sense of themselves as Americans.


   SS-1211 Western Civilization

   HU-1111 English Composition

   HU-1222 Analysis and Interpretation of Literature

Course Requirements:

The American Studies minor consists of six courses, three from the Humanities Department and three from the Social Science Department.

      I. The Humanities Department:

         A. The Humanities Department has two required courses for the minor:

               HU-5032 American Literature I: Colonial Period to Civil War

               HU-5033 American Literature II: Civil War to the Present

         B. The Humanities Department requires a third course chosen from the following :

                  HU-5090 Special Topics: Humanities Group I

                        Special Topics in Humanities Group I may include but not be limited to:

                              American Southern Writers

                              American Women Writers

                              American Poetry

                              American Short Stories

                              American Novels

                              American Drama

                              African-American Literature

                  HU-6090 Special Topics: Humanities Group II

                        Special Topics in Humanities Group II may include but not be limited to:

                              American Art

                              American Theatre History

*Please note that the Humanities Department will run at least one section of Special Topics from either Humanities Group I or Group II every academic year, with a number of such courses evolving into regularly offered American topic courses.

II. The Social Science Department:

A.    The  Social Science Department  requires two courses from the following

 courses for the minor:

               SS-3219 American History I: Origins to 1865

               SS-3220 American History II: 1865 to the Present

               SS-3211 American Maritime History                            

B.    The Social Science Department requires a third course chosen from the


            SS-3217 Vietnam and U.S. Policy

            SS-3218 Civil War and Reconstruction

            SS-3132 U.S. Foreign Policy since 1945

III. Additional Information

   A. The American Studies Minor will be administered out of the Humanities Department

         The present coordinator is Professor Nelson Ritschel

   B. All minors at MMA require 6 courses. Each minor then requires an overload of 4 courses. You may use your 2 free electives to fulfill two of the required courses for the minor. You may not use the same course to fulfill both a General Education requirement and a minor requirement.

   C. All minors earned at MMA will now appear on your transcripts and will be marked with a certificate of completion at graduation.


Please contact Dr.Nelson Ritschel, Professor, Humanities Department,   Hurley 211

Law Minor:

Coordinator: Professor Ronald Carroll               Harrington 211A X2300


The law minor, offered by the Social Science department provides students with a range of understanding about the law through a diverse array of law courses. Students learn to study law from a variety of different perspectives. The minor gives them a basic understanding and practical grounding in the law, useful in a wide range of professions. Students must take six law courses to complete the minor. These law courses are the following:


SS-3121 Admiralty and Maritime Law

SS-4122 International Law

SS-3221 Business Law

SS-3222 Real Estate Law

MS-31421 Environmental Law

SS-3223 European Union Law

SS-3224 International Business Law

SS-4132 Legal Issues in Emergency Management and Homeland Security

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