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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Manned Models Center for Maritime Training - Manned Models

The Advanced Shiphandling in Manned Models Course is primarily for experienced shiphandlers such as Pilots, Masters and OICNW.  Participants will hone their shiphandling skills on topics including: anchoring, docking, undocking, slow speed maneuvering, experiment with movement of the pivot point, advance and transfer, passing in narrow channels, shallow water effect, wind effect, thruster work and much more.

For piloting organizations that are not seeking STCW credit, the manned models can be utilized for a variety of ship handling training.

Click here to see the Manned Model Program Overview

The cost of the program for the 2015 calendar year is $5250.00 per student.

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For the student who is preparing to obtain his/her senior level deck license we are approved by the USCG to complete the following assessments required as part of the advanced shiphandling portion of the STCW requirements.

Assessment No. M-7-3A  Prepare for collision
Assessment No. M-8-1A   Maneuver to embark/disembark a pilot.
Assessment No. M-8-2A   Transit restricted waters.
Assessment No. M-8-3A   Constant rate of turn techniques.
Assessment No. M-8-4A   Shallow water effects- squat.
Assessment No. M-8-5A   Shallow water effects- passing vessels.
Assessment No. M-8-6A   Vessel docking-starboard side to.
Assessment No. M-8-6B   Vessel docking-port side to.
Assessment No. M-8-7A   Turn vessel with tug assistance.
Assessment No. M-8-8A   Demonstrate anchoring the vessel
Assessment No. M-8-9A   Dragging anchor.

As an adjunct to the Manned Models course and at no additional cost, we are also approved by the USCG to complete the following assessments for senior level license upgrade. Students completing the assessments below will receive signed  control sheets to document completion.

Assessment No. M-3-1A  Coordinate Search and Rescue Operations
Assessment No. M-7-1A  Actions after grounding
Assessment No. M-7-2A  Re-floating a grounded ship
Assessment No. M-7-3A  Prepare for collision
Assessment No. M-7-3B  Actions after a collision
Assessment No. M-7-4A  Emergency Steering
Assessment No. M-7-5A  Emergency towing

To register for the Manned Model Program you may

1) Click Here to Register On-line.  After you click on the "Register & Pay Online for Continuing Education Classes" link, You will need to enter Manned in the "Search For (Key Word) field.

2) Download the registration form by clicking here, and either mail, fax, or email it back to the Center for Maritime and Professional Training.  Contact information for the Center for Maritime and Professional Training is included on the registration form.

3) Contact the Center for and Professional Maritime Training at (508) 830-5005, or email us for registration assistance.

For additional information on the Manned Model Program, or for inquiries on customized training, contact the Center for Maritime and Professional Training at 508-830-5005 or email us at  

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