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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - MMA cadets travel for hands-on experience Admissions - MMA cadets travel for hands-on experience

Dr. Seuss wrote this book in 1990, a rhyming, Technicolor wonder about life and it’s challenges. MMA Placement wrote the book on learning in far flung, sometimes exotic places!

All MMA cadets are required to complete at least one co-op for six credits. Some cadets complete as many as three during their four years at the Academy. Requirements differ for the four “shore-side” majors: Facilities Engineering (FENG); International Maritime Business (IMB); Marine Safety and Environmental Protection (MSEP) and Emergency Management (EM) and the two licensed or ocean going majors, Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation.  Co-op education is integral to the schools’ “Learn. Do. Learn.” philosophy. Real world experience is what it’s all about on Taylor’s point.

Not all the cadets were on the USTS Kennedy as it left port on January 12th for Sea Term. Many were hopping planes or had already arrived at their particular co-op destinations. Eight cadets from MSEP & EM are in Haiti with MMA Professor Tom Lennon while six IMBU and six MSEP will spend their semester in Panama.

A bit closer to home, an EM major has been on assignment with the Dauphin County Emergency Management Agency in PA and an MSEP cadet is working with The Coral Restoration and Conservation Program in Key Largo, FL.
Two FENG students are doing their co-ops with Trident Seafoods in Seattle, WA and Several IMB cadets are working with Spec Tec; in both the Miami, FL and Houston, TX locations. These are just a few of the many fascinating and exciting places Academy cadets will go. History shows that a number of these assignments will lead to permanent positions after graduation. All co-ops will play a major role in a cadet’s networking life.

Seuss concludes his tale … “Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed. (96% guaranteed.)” Unlike the good Dr. Suess, the Academy must deal in the real world where there are no guarantees. Alum track records, however, do prove that an MMA degree plus hard work will produce some very rewarding results!

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