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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - 100 Ton License Program Center for Maritime Training - 100 Ton License Program

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy offers the 100 Ton Master License Program. For those who desire to earn a living on the water providing fishing charters, dive trips or other marine experiences, or can see themselves as the Captain of their own charter boat company, this program is the first step towards achieving that goal.

These USCG approved courses provide a welcome alternative to other license and examination preparation courses. Our instructors have experience in the maritime industry and expertise in classroom teaching and instructional techniques. USCG exams are offered at the Academy, minimizing the stress of driving to Boston for testing.

Our experienced teaching staff can also assist you with your license preparation and help guide you in finding answers to eligibility requirements for licensure.

Where you go to school DOES make a difference!

Schedule: 100 Ton

Mon ,Tues and Thursday ( 7 weeks)
5:00-9:30 p.m.
Starting:  SEPT 21st

Days: 8:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Two Weeks
January 4th, 2016

Exam to be held on the final Saturday of each session.

Program cost: $1340.00

NOTE: Students are required to provide their own navigational instruments including:

              15" or 18" parallel rulers
               Scientific calculator

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Is a United State’s Coast Guard License Right For You?

The USCG has specific requirements for issuing licenses to U.S. Merchant Marine Officers.  Sea-service time and written tests are included.  Sea-service time must be on a vessel similar in size to the license for which you are applying.  Tests include navigation and chart work.  In addition, you must pass a physical exam, pass courses in first aid and CPR, pass a drug test, and generally be an upstanding citizen.

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy is part of a seagoing tradition dating back to colonial times.  The Academy’s history as an educational institution began with an act of the State Legislature, June 11, 1891, which created the Massachusetts Nautical Training School.  In 1964, legislation placed the Academy within the Division of State Colleges of the Commonwealth and authorized the Academy to grant Bachelor of Science degrees. As you can see, the Academy is uniquely qualified to offer these training programs.  We are able to assist students through the USCG application process and requirements.  We will walk you through the entire process from filling out paperwork, understanding  the requirements and deciding which license will best meet your needs. The Academy and its dedicated, licensed professionals care about the students and their success.  Do it right;  learn from the Masters at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Each faculty member brings valuable real-world experience in the Maritime Industry into the classroom.

How do I Document my Sea Time?
Sea service may be documented in various forms, including service letters, certificates of discharge, pilotage service and billing forms, or official documents from marine companies on original company letterhead signed by appropriate officials or licensed Masters.  For service on vessels of under 200 gross tons, owners of vessels may attest to their own service as long as proof of ownership is provided.  In all cases, the evidence produced by the applicant must be original or notarized documents containing the amount and nature of the applicant’s experience.

What is the difference between OUPV and 100 Ton?

This entry-level USCG license is the Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) License, commonly known as a “Six-Pack.”  This license allows you to operate uninspected passenger vessels weighing up to 100 gross tons, including sail and auxiliary sailing vessels, while carrying up to six passengers on the waters that are designated on the license.  An OUPV License requires one year (360 days) of sea service.  A minimum of four continuous hours at the helm is considered to be one day.  (If you are at the helm for 24 hours, it only counts as one day.)  Ninety of the 360 days must have been within the previous three years.

The next level of license is a Master’s License for Inland Waters, which can have a limit of 25, 50, or 100 gross tons, depending on the size of the boat for which you claim sea-service time.  A Master can operate a USCG inspected vessel and can carry any number of passengers, limited only by the vessel’s certification.  Sea time for an Inland License is the same as an OUPV License.  Near-Coastal (up to 200 miles from shore) and Oceans Master Licenses require two years (720 days) of sea-service time, 90 of which must be in the prior three years.  The Master’s tests (Inland, Near-Coastal, and Oceans) are not very different from the “Six-Pack” test.  However, you must pass a celestial navigation module to obtain Master Oceans License.

Additional license eligibility information can be found at the website for the U.S. Coast Guard's National Maritime Center by clicking here

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