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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Pioneers or Ambassadors? Admissions - Pioneers or Ambassadors?

Both! Five lucky International Maritime Business majors are heading to Dalian Maritime University in Dalian, China. They will be the first Massachusetts Maritime students accepted to the Academy’s newest exchange program. Dalian will be sending five of their students to MMA at the same time – Spring 2013.

2/C Daniel Amelang, a ’03 graduate of Scituate High School, Scituate, MA; 3/C John Gallagher, a 2011 graduate of Pope John XXIII High School, Sparta, NJ; 3/C Mikhail Pages, a 2011, graduate of  Brookline High School, Brookline, MA;  3/C Sebastian Ramirez, 2011, graduate of Danbury High School, Danbury, CT and 3/C Justin Vieira, a 2011 graduate of New Bedford High School, New Bedford, MA are already preparing for their exotic journey to Dalian’s Transportation Management College.

Dalian Maritime University’s history dates back over one hundred years.  DMU has merged with three distinguished merchant marine institutions during this century and today offers students a choice of fourteen colleges, forty-two undergraduate programs and many post grad educational opportunities.  MMA Professor and IMBU Department Head, Dr. Bani Ghosh, brokered this incredible international partnership during her sabbatical in the spring of 2012.

This program has generated a lot of excitement.  Cadet John Gallagher has not stopped talking about it since he received his “Congratulations” e-mail! “I will be leaving in a few months on a journey like nothing I have ever experienced.  I don’t know what to expect.  It is a true adventure.  I plan on traveling as much as I can while in China,” he enthused.  Cadet Vieira has been a “wannabe” traveler since he was a tot. Not only does he get to travel to an exotic location, “… I get to be one of the first to represent the Academy at Dalian.  I get a chance to step into a new frontier of learning and show this institution the kind of determination and hard work that defines an MMA cadet.  On a personal note, living, learning and being part of another culture is a great way to expand my understanding of the world,” he continued. 

3/C Sebastian Ramirez is excited for another reason. “The courses we are being offered at Dalian are unique yet related to our major.  Classes such as Principles of Cruise Management are a great way to fulfill my maritime business degree requirements that I would not otherwise be able to take,” he reported.  Cadet Mikhail Pages is looking forward to walking down a road less traveled. “ How many people ever get the opportunity to be immersed in a culture so different from our own, the food, the geography, the language … everything … it’s a dream come true.  I hope to come away with a new and expanded world view,” he declared.

Thankfully, the universal maritime language is English so all classes will be conducted in our “pioneer/ambassador’s” native tongue.  The lucky five will make many lifetime memories as they break ground while traveling this newest trade route – education exchange.

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