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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - GenEd Requirements Humanities - GenEd Requirements
The required General Education courses from the Humanities Department build skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking. Students first take a basic writing course, English Composition, that focuses on those skills that are necessary for logical presentation of thoughts and ideas in clear, concise language. (Advanced Expository Writing also meets this General Education and STCW requirement.) Then, students acquire the tools to work with and understand literature in Analysis and Interpretation of Literature so that fiction, poetry, and drama can be read and analyzed as to meaning, technique, and relative importance as examples of literary art.

Students are then required to select two electives in the Humanities Department. One elective will be another literature course from Group 1, which includes a variety of genres, historical periods, and subject matter. The final elective may be chosen from either Group 1 or Group 2, which provides a broad range of offerings within the department.

GEHU1, GEHU2: All students must take both of the following courses:

HU-1111 English Composition
HU-1222 Analysis and Interpretation of Literature

GEHU3 Humanities Group 1 Courses

HU-5020 American Literature I
HU-6020 American Literature II
HU-5021 Literature of the Sea
HU-5022 Literature and Film
HU-5023 Irish Literature
HU-5024 Shakespeare Tragedies and Comedies
HU-5025 Short Stories
HU-5026 Literature and Mythology
HU-5027 Literature of the Supernatural
HU-5028 Drama
HU-5029 Contemporary Literature
HU-5031 War Literature
HU-5035 American Theatre
Hu-5036 Survival Literature
HU-5039 Detective Literature
HU-5090 Special Topics: Humanities Group I

GEHU4: Humanities Group II Courses

HU-2210 Technical and Business Writing
HU-2141 Spanish I
HU-2242 Spanish II
HU-2341 Elementary Chinese I
HU-2342 Elementary Chinese II
HU-2441 German I
HU-5030 Poetry
HU-6012 Advanced Expository Writing
HU-6043 Spanish Language and Literature
HU-6051 Philosophy
HU-6052 Introduction to Logic
HU-6053 Critical Thinking
HU-6055 World Religions
HU-6060 Creative Writing Seminar: Poetry
HU-6056 Brain, Narrative, and Self
HU-6061 Creative writing Seminar: Fiction
HU-6071 Public Speaking
HU-6072 Business Communications
HU-6080 Introduction to Art
HU-6090 Special Topics: Humanities Group II

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