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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Magic Co-Op Admissions - Magic Co-Op

Not all co-ops are created the same. They all comprise an integral part of a cadet’s “hands on” educational experience. Some are located near, others far away. Some are paid, others are not. Many focus on industry specific technical skills, some highlight business topics and all present valuable opportunities to network! And then there is Disney.

There are over forty categories of jobs available at Disney, including engineering, facilities and maritime travel and co-ops are HARD to get! 2/C Casheena Gomes-Sanchez, an International Maritime Business major scheduled to graduate in 2014, decided she wanted one of these magic co-ops. This cadet graduated from Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational High School in 2008. Her enrollment in a local community college was railroaded when her home caught on fire and she took a year off and a job at Chartwells, MMA’s food service provider. “I applied to MMA the following semester. I’m really good at math, I love the ocean … so, I decided to give marine engineering a try,” she recalled.

After a year “Cash” decided to switch majors to IMB. She needed a co-op to complete this major. She was already aware of the prestige accompanying a Disney co-op. Although she knew that a huge number of students from all over the world applied, she had a high school friend who had actually gotten one. With an attitude of nothing ventured, nothing gained, she decided to apply. Cash was astonished when after completing an on-line interview followed by a phone interview (filled with “can you hear me nows”) she received an emailed acceptance for a co-op at the Walt Disney Resort in Florida!

This cadet is currently in charge of her own little food business in the Magic Kingdom. “The hours are really long and it’s a lot of hard work,” she reports. Because of Disney requirements and future potential, she has elected to complete a longer than normal co-op. “I started off as a regular vendor but have already moved up two levels and will hopefully complete a fourth before I leave. Because of the discipline required by the Academy’s Regiment, I am able to handle and excel at a lot of things. The Regiment is the reason I’m able to climb this co-op ladder so fast,” she continued. “Where Dreams Come True” the Disney saying that applies to MMA.

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