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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Keeping Up With Changing Times Admissions - Keeping Up With Changing Times

As the pace of technology continues to increase, the pressure on educational institutions to produce crops of techno-savy grads, grows exponentially. For ninety-eight years MMA ran two successful curriculums Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation – playing to the supply and demand requirements of the maritime world. Since 1989 they have added five more majors: Facilities Engineering, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection, International Maritime Business, Emergency Management; and the most recent, Energy Systems Engineering (ESEN).

ESEN is the Academy’s third undergraduate engineering degree and will be available for the first time this fall. The program will prepare graduates for careers in many varied segments of the fast growing energy industry including positions that provide for the engineering planning, design and installation of various equipment and systems required for the generation, management and distribution of electrical power.

Professor George Howe, the Engineering Department Chair, and Dr. Diane DiMassa, serving as the Engineering Department's new Program Area Coordinator for Energy Systems Engineering will lead the way for this new major.  Professor DiMassa will advise all students enrolled in the ESEN major and will work concurrently over the next four years on the professional accreditation process for the ESEN major to coincide with the first ESEN students to graduate in June 2016.

Twelve new courses will be available for this degree, requiring a total of 128 academic credits. They will include advanced mathematics and applied engineering along with specific courses that address the design of alternative and renewable energy systems. Students will also be required to complete eighteen program credits – six for Sea Term I and six each for two summer ESEN co-ops.

Presently five rising MMA sophomores are interested in completing dual majors, with ESEN being one. Andre Elnakhle, a 2011 graduate of Hingham High School, Hingham MA, is one of them. He plans to add the ESEN major to the Facilities Engineering major in the hopes of batting a real career homerun after graduation in 2016. “The Energy Systems major is geared toward the future. We are currently living in a worldwide energy crisis. Newer and cleaner energy sources are in high demand. I hope I will someday be able to help design and deliver some innovative technologies that will solve some of these problems.

An engineering information meeting for freshmen will be planned for in October. Watch the Plan of the Day for date and time.

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