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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - FAQ's Health Services - FAQ's

Q: Do cadets need medical insurance?
A: Yes. Medical insurance is required of all cadets. If the cadet is no longer able to be included on the family policy, or is unable to purchase other medical insurance, he or she will be required to purchase medical insurance through MMA. The insurance is provided by University Health Plans, Inc., underwritten by Nationwide. After June 1 you will be able to go to their website to waive or enroll in the plan. Inquiries about enrollment and payment for insurance should be directed to the business office.

Q: If my cadet is planning on playing a sport, is there any additional insurance needed?
A: NCAA requires a minimum of $35,000 coverage for athletic injury. Most policies meet that requirement. Please read your policy or call your company to be sure.

Q: We won’t be able to get an appointment for a physical until late July or August and the deadline for medical forms is early July. What should we do?
A: Please fill out all the sections of the health form that you can and mail them to us as soon as possible. Include a copy of the cadet’s last physical with a note that you will send the updated physical as soon as you have the appointment, and send it to us

Q: Does color blindness, or color vision deficiency prevent admission to the Academy?
A: No, but color vision is applicable to the majors of Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering. None of the other majors have color vision criteria. For Marine Transportation a cadet needs perfect color vision, and for Marine Engineering, a cadet needs to be able to recognize the colors blue, yellow, red and green as documented by a physician using one of the accepted color vision exams listed on the medical form.

Q: Does imperfect vision prevent admission to the Academy?
A: No, but it does affect acceptance to the majors where vision is a criterion. These majors are Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering. Distance vision needs to be correctable (with glasses or contacts) to 20/40 for Marine Transportation, and correctable to 20/50 for engineering.

Q: Do diagnoses such as depression, anxiety,  ADD or ADHD prevent admission to the Academy?

A: No. We have academic support services in place to meet the needs of a student requiring reasonable accommodations due to his or her learning process. Please note the diagnosis on the medical form and list any medications prescribed. Contact the learning disability coordinator if you have any questions regarding learning disabilities and/or accommodations.

Q: If my son or daughter takes medication for ADD/ADHD, or other diagnosis, can he or she keep it in the room, or does it have to be with Health Services? How will this affect drug testing?
A: All cadets are responsible for their own medications.  Drug testing will not be affected as long as there is a current prescription that can be verified by the Medical Review Officer at the drug screening facility. We do not prescribe or write refills for any psychotropic medications, including ADD/ADHD medications. 

Q: Are there counseling services at MMA?
A: Yes. We have a full time licensed mental health counselor in Health Services. Please contact Jennifer Levesque at X1480 , or if you have any questions or concerns. There is no extra charge for cadets to see a counselor. All information is strictly confidential. Referrals to area providers may be necessary, with payment through your health insurance.

Q: If my son or daughter was not accepted to another academy, or the armed forces for because of failing the physical, will that prevent admission?
A: Not necessarily. We look at whether or not he or she meets our qualifications as outlined on our own medical form.

Q: If my son or daughter has had a physical within a year of admission to MMA, may we use that one?
A: Yes, please have your PCP enter all information from the exam onto our physical exam forms. Be sure to have all required vaccines and get a copy of your immunization records.Remember to complete all on-line health information.

Q: What kind of medical services are provided on Sea Term?

A: We have a fully equipped Sick Bay on the ship. We have ten inpatient beds, three sick calls every day, seven days a week, and on call coverage 24 hours a day. We are staffed with an MD Emergency Medicine Specialist, a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and a Board-Certified Registered Nurse. We are connected via satellite phone to the UMASS Medical Center in Worcester. We carry a full complement of medications and treatment supplies. Our state of the art equipment includes a 12-lead EKG machine, an EKG/defibrillator/cardiac pacer, suction machine, breathalyzer, IV pump, bedside blood clinical analyzer, and hand-held Doppler and hand held ultrasound. We can treat all routine illnesses and injuries, provide for emergencies, perform minor surgical procedures and are able to keep critical patients stable until they can be moved from the ship.

If you have any other questions, please call Health Services at 508-830-5048

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