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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - 3/C Fall 2012 Training Memo STCW - 3/C Fall 2012 Training Memo
MEMO                Massachusetts Maritime Academy

To:      3/C Deck and Engine Cadets

From:  CDR Huhnke, STCW/Licensing Officer

Date:  13 August 2012  REVISED

Re:      MMC (MERCHANT MARINER CREDENTIAL) Meeting Notice and Reminders

Dear Third Class Deck and Engine Cadets:

Congratulations on completing your freshman year of academics and regimental life!  Your are ready to move on to your Third Class Year.  The main goal of this year is to apply for and receive your Cadet Merchant Mariner’s Credential (MMC).  The MMC (together with the TWIC) is the entry-level document that you must have in order to join a commercial ship.

I cannot over-emphasize the need for you to meet all deadlines, the need for you to turn in complete and accurate paperwork, and the need for you to read and comply with all memos and requests originating from the STCW/Licensing office.  The fastest way for me to reach you is phone/voicemail.  You must have a phone number with voicemail which you should check daily.  You must check your MMA email and the Plan of the Day (POD) daily as per the Regimental Manual.  You should check the STCW website once a week.   

Please take note of the following Fall 2012 training:  

1.  THERE WILL BE A MANDATORY MEETING FOR ALL 3/C DECK AND ENGINE CADETS ON TUESDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER @ 1600 OR WEDNESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER 2012 @ 0700 IN  ADMIRAL’S HALL.  The purpose of the meeting is to answer any questions that you have about the application and to turn in the completed form.  Attendance is mandatory, even if you already have an MMC.  All applications for the MMC are due at the meeting.  

a.  You will need to go online to and download the application form.  Complete instructions for downloading are included on page 3 of this letter.  Full instructions for completing the application are included in the download package.  

b.  The USCG returns any incomplete applications; you must, therefore, be sure to include all of the requested copies and forms in the packet.  

2.  PHYSICAL.  You must include a USCG Physical with your application.  There are Three options:

a.  Enclose a copy of the USCG Physical (on Form CG-719K) that you have had completed in the past calendar year (January 2012 - present).  Due 18 September 2012.  

b.  Complete a new USCG Physical (on Form CG-719K) using your own physician, Bourne Bridge Medical or Emerald Occupational Health.  Due 18 September 2012.  The early due date gives me an opportunity to review physicals for completeness.  

c.  Complete a new USCG Physical through Health Services at MMA.  The dates are

13 September and 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 October 2012.  You may sign up for an appointment through Health Services and pay the $50.00 fee through the business office.  A copy of our physical will be forwarded to me.

3. Transfer or Bump-up Cadets should come to my office during the first month of the semester to register for an STCW audit to ensure you are on track with your STCW requirements and documents.    

4.  REGISTER FOR FIREFIGHTING (FF-0104):  3/C Firefighting training will be held in the Fall 2012.  Training consists of an evening lecture (last names A-L on Tuesday, 25 September & last names M-Z on Thursday, 27 September at 1900 in Admiral’s Hall), and a full day of practical training on one of the following dates:  (9, 10, 11 or 16, 17, 18 October 2012).  Sign-ups for the practical day are from Monday, 17 September - 28 September 2012.  Check the STCW website and posters around the dorms for details.

5.  You should complete your Lifeboatman certification in your third class year.  Register for quals (LB-0201), and then sign-up for a time slot with CAPT Mayhofer.  The exam (LB-0202) will be held in late Spring 2013.  When you return from winter break, check the website for the exact details.

Your cooperation is appreciated in order to speed this process along.  If you have any questions, please see me in the Harrington Building, 1st floor, Academic Dean’s Office, or call me at (508) 830 - 5071, or email me at

I am looking forward to a wonderful productive year!


Marie H. Huhnke, CDR- MMA
Director, STCW/Licensing Officer

DOWNLOADING THE MMC (Merchant Mariner Credential) Application

1.  Use copier quality paper to print out the appropriate forms (white, clean on both sides).  
    Remember that these are going to National Maritime Center.

2.  Go to

3.  On the left side of the page, under Quick Links, click on Career Services.

4.  In the center of the page, click on Licensing.

5.  Choose MMC Application Packet.

6.  SAVE the document to your computer.

7.  Some of the forms are fillable; some you will have to write in by hand once you print it out.

8.  Please bring your filled out form, copies, manila envelope and questions to the meeting and I
    will answer any questions that you have.

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