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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - 1/C Fall 2012 Training STCW - 1/C Fall 2012 Training
MEMO                Massachusetts Maritime Academy

To:      1/C Deck and Engine Cadets

From:  CDR Huhnke, STCW/Licensing Officer

Date:      13 August 2012  REVISED


Dear First Class Deck Engine Cadets:

Congratulations on arriving at your senior year!  This will be a dynamic year of planning, changes, interviews, decisions, and preparing to move forward in your life.  We have a lot of work to do this semester.  The first step is the “Application to License.” Once approved by the National Maritime Center (NMC) and your department, you will then be placed on the USCG Exam Roster and are approved to test.  Exam week is scheduled for the week of 20 - 23 May 2013.  Pending your successful completion of academics and license requirements by the posted deadlines, you will receive your credentials at graduation.  

There have been many changes to the licensing process over the past few years.  Pay attention to dates and deadlines.  There are many evolutions that occur during senior year for which there are no make-ups.  I cannot over-emphasize the need for you to read and comply with all memos and requests originating from the STCW office.  

Just a few notes about Fall 2012 training:
  • USCG Application to License Meeting - Thursday, September 20 or Friday, September 21 @ 1600 in Admiral’s Hall.  The purpose of this mandatory meeting is to answer any questions that you have about the license application and to turn in the completed forms.  I am enclosing instructions for downloading and completing the application.  I encourage athletes with afternoon practices to attend the 0700 meeting.  
  • USCG 719K Physical - Dates available at Health Services 13 September; 2, 3, 4, or 9, 10, 11, October 2012 or you may have your physical done by your own physician.  The due date for off-campus physicals is 20 September.  This early due date gives me an opportunity to review physicals for completeness.  The price of physicals conducted through Health Services is $50.00, payable to the Business Office.
  • STCW Audit - During the first week of school come in and pick up a copy of your STCW audit.  This will give you a clear picture of where you stand in terms of your graduation requirements.

  • Degree Audit - If you did not do a degree audit, the first semester of senior year is an excellent time to catch up with your academic advisor to plan your last one or two semesters.  You should firm up your expected graduation date.  Remember, you must apply to license within a year of sitting for the exam and you must finish your academic requirements with 6 months of taking your exam.  

  • Senior Firefighting Training - 23 September (At-Sea Party), 21 October, 18 November 2012, and 17 March 2013 (tentatively), and 21 April 2013 (tentatively).  Signups will begin Monday, 10 September 2012 through Friday, 21 September 2012 at 1600.  Cadets will be selected for the At-Sea Party by Chief Mate Ford.  Be sure to let me know if you will be a December grad and need 1/C firefighting to graduate.  You should be aware that space is limited for 1/C firefighting.  All no-shows will be required to pay the cost of the day’s reservation.  To avoid the fee, you must notify be before your date if you need to change your date or cannot attend.  PLEASE GO ONLINE AND REGISTER FOR FF-0108.

  • Senior Firefighting Lecture - Tuesday, 18 September @ 1900 in Admiral’s Hall.  THIS IS A CHANGE IN PROCEDURE FROM OTHER YEARS.  Mark your calendar; there is no make-up without additional cost to you.  

  • Medical Care Provider - You must REGISTER for this course, PE - 0032, ie either the first or second semester of your senior year.  It is an STCW requirement for licensing as well as graduation.  Making up PE - 0032 off-campus is very difficult and costly.

  • MARINE TRANSPORTATION STUDENTS - I must have a copy of your GMDSS Radio Operator’s License before 1 April 2013.  You must also have taken the Flashing Light (Visual Communications) test in the past year before graduating (the exam can be dated any time after 30 June 2012).  The deadline for this requirement is 1 April 2013.  Any cadets applying for Mate of Towing or PIC endorsements must turn in appropriate documentation to me by 1 April 2013.

  • Maintenance - DO IT NOW !!! And enjoy a stress and maintenance fee last semester.  In the next month your mailbox will have the latest update on your personal maintenance status.  Everyone must complete 7 semesters, including bump-ups.

Drug Testing - A reminder that ALL regimental cadets and regimental commuters are bound to ALL regimental rules, among them the uniform requirement and random drug testing.  Regimental commuters check in with CDR Page so that he has all of your current contact information in case your name comes up.
It goes without saying that you must check your MMA email  and voice mail daily and that your voice mail is a professional message.

Your cooperation is appreciated in order to speed this process along.  If you have any questions, please see me in the Harrington Building,1st floor, Academic Dean’s Office, or call me at (508) 830 - 5071, or email me at

I am looking forward to a wonderful productive year!


Marie H. Huhnke, CDR-MMA
Director, STCW/Licensing


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