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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - MENG & MTRA FAQ's STCW - MENG & MTRA FAQ's

1. Do all students at Massachusetts Maritime Academy need a TWIC?  Yes, all students who need unescorted access to the TS Kennedy or may need access to a port/transportation facility for their co-op or an employment opportunity.

2.  When do I apply for a TWIC?  All students must obtain their TWIC before the end of September in their third semester of study.

3.  Who qualifies for a TWIC?  Any citizen of the United States may apply for a TWIC.  Foreign national students attending MMA on an F-1 VISA do not qualify for a TWIC through normal channels.  MARAD (Maritime Administration) can facilitate a TWIC for a foreign national attending a maritime academy.  See CDR Huhnke, STCW/Licensing Officer, for further assistance.

4.  How long is my USCG Physical Examination valid?  12 months

5. What is TWIC?  Transportation Workers Identification Credential.  A security initiative sponsored by the Transportation Security Administration to prevent hostile acts from disrupting environments of transportation facilities and US ports.

6.  How do I Apply for TWIC?  You must pre-enroll to submit required biographic information.  Select an enrollment center online at or by telelphone at 1- 866-347 - 8942.  

7.  How much does a TWIC cost?  The cost is $129.75 and payable by money order, credit card or certified check.  

8.  Where can I find a TWIC enrollment center?  Go to and go to the link for TWIC, to enter the state from the drop down menu for locations and hours near you.

9.  What is an MMC?  a Merchant Mariner Credential is a USCG credential containing identification information and indicates the positions onboard a vessel that an individual is qualified to sail in.

10.  When do I apply for an MMC?  According to MMA’s policy, MENG and MTRA cadets must apply in the fall of their sophomore year.

11.  What are the eligibility requirements of a cadet MMC?  

a.  Must be a US citizen or alien lawfully admitted to the US for permanent residence.

b.  Must have a TWIC.

c.  Must be free of all legal issues.

d.  Must be able to meet medical criteria for licensure.

12.  What ratings does an MMC have?  A cadet Engine and Deck MMC includes ordinary seaman (os), wiper, stewards department, cadet Deck/Engine rating.

13.  What forms of personal documentation are required to apply for an MMC?  

a.  Valid drivers license

b.  Social Security Card

c.  Passport

d.  TWIC

e.  Valid USCG 719 K Physical Examination

14. What is the cost for a Merchant Mariner Credential?  $ 140.00

15. Where do I pay for an MMC?  On the USCG website @ 

16.  Can I apply for an MMC on my own outside of the Academy process?  The Academy does not recommend obtaining an MMC outside of its standard process because he/she will not be eligible for the cadet deck/engine rating, a requirement for sea term.

17.  What documents are required to submit with an MMC Application Packet?

            1. Personal Information Sheet

2. Merchant Mariner Application (CG-719B Form)

3. Merchant Mariner’s Oath

4. Conviction Statement (if needed)

5. Valid CG-719K Physical Form

6. receipt for $ 140.00

7. Merchant Service Enrollment form

8. NMC (National Maritime Center) Release Form

9.  All supporting documents as required on the MMC list

18.  When do I apply for the USCG License Exam?  September of senior year.

19.  How do I apply to take the exam? All 1C Engine and Deck students applying to test must complete their Third Assistant Engineer License Application or Third Mate License Application and be “Approved to Test”.

What forms of personal identification are required to apply to license?

1.  Valid  drivers license

2.  Valid USCG 719K Physical Examination

3.  Photocopy of TWIC 

4.  Photocopy of Valid Passport

5.  Photocopy of Social Security Card

6.  Photocopy of Permanent Resident Alien Card, if applicable

21.  What is the fee to apply to license?
  $ 255.00

22.  How do I pay for the USCG License application Exam?  Go to the official USCG website at

23.  What documents are required to submit with a Third AE or Third Mate License Application Packet

1. Personal Information Sheet

2. Third Assistant Engineer License or Third Mate License Application

3. Merchant Mariner’s Oath

4. Conviction Statement (if needed)

5. Valid CG-719K Physical Form

6. receipt of $ 255.00

7. (NMC) National Maritime Center Release Form

8.  All supporting documents as required on the USCG License Application List

24.  What is the time frame to receive my license once I have completed my academic requirements, successfully passed the USCG exams and completed licensing requirements? The license accompanies your diploma at graduation. 

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