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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Rules & Regulations Spectacle Island Marina - Rules & Regulations

1.  The Marina is provided for recreational use to the general boating public only. Only commercial operators under contract to BHIA or the Island owners may use the marina.

2.  The operator of a commercial vessel such as a water taxi or ferry permitted by a contractor for a private event which utilizes the marina is responsible for the payment of assessed docking fees.

3.  Payment per posted schedule, which may be revised without notice, is due upon arrival.  Day fees are for a single docking and do not allow the vessel to come and go.

4.  Payment may be made via credit or debit card only - cash and checks are not accepted.   We cannot take credit card information over the phone or by email.

5.   Boat owners accept the responsibility to provide safe mooring lines and/or ground tackle, and will not hold BHIA or  Massachusetts Maritime Academy responsible for damage caused by another boat or wave action while moored.

6.   Boat owners are strongly urged to provide fendering systems between their boats and the dock.

7.   Dinghies or personal watercraft are allowed only in designated areas and will not be tethered to other moored vessels.

8.   The Boat owner is responsible for any damage to the marina or another vessel caused by excessive or negligent operation.

9.   Noise levels must be kept to a minimum after 10:00PM.

10. Children under 12 years old must wear personal floatation devices whether on board boats or on the floating docks.

11. The pumping out of waste tanks or the disposal of trash and garbage is not permitted at Spectacle Island Marina or adjacent moorings.

12. Refueling of any boat's fuel tanks via portable containers is prohibited.

13. The Marina may be temporarily closed during severe weather.

14. Rafting is permitted subject to size and weight limitation as long as such rafting does not block access for other boaters, ferries or emergency vessels; please inquire of marina personnel. Rafted boats pay the same price.

15. Jet skis and other personal watercraft must follow all the Rules of the Road, and take into consideration noise pollution and wake when operating in or near the marina and moorings.

16. All trash and debris must be removed from island by the trash generator. This is a carry-on/ carry-off facility.

17. No open fires or barbecue grills will be permitted on the dock. Moored boats may use approved barbecue grills on board, but must notify the marina manager in advance of use.

18. No alcohol is permitted off the boat, including the dock, piers or on Spectacle Island.

19. Smoking is only permitted aboard vessels.  Smokers should be considerate to other boaters.

20. There is no access to the island or its facilities after the park closes in the evening at sunset.
21. No dogs are permitted on Spectacle Island, or any other island serviced by the public ferry.

22. The island is closed to the public after sunset with the exception of scheduled private events and Thursday and Friday evening clambakes. The clambakes are open to the public and boaters are welcome to purchase tickets. The restrooms will be open for use by overnight visitors at the marina. Trespassers elsewhere on the island will be prosecuted and fines imposed. Boats cannot be left unattended at the marina overnight.

23. Boston Harbor Island Alliance, Massachusetts Maritime Academy and the Owners are not responsible for theft, vandalism, misuse, fire, store, acts of God, or any other cause beyond their control. Services in this license do not include any specific watchman, police or guard.

24. In case of emergency call the Boston Harbormaster at 617-343-4721, State Police at 911, Environmental Police at 800-632-8075, Massachusetts Maritime Academy Police at 508-726-0798. Towing services are available by Sea Tow at 800-473-2869.

Please enjoy your stay and come again...

Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Operator of Spectacle Island Marina and Moorings under contract with Boston Harbor Island Alliance

Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Division of Marine Operations
101 Academy Drive
Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

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