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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Summer Math for Algebra/Trig Students Disability Resources - Summer Math for Algebra/Trig Students


Your score of less than 40 indicates that there are gaps in your quantitative reasoning skills and you are not prepared for College-level mathematics. If you do not opt to take a college course in Intermediate Algebra before attending MMA, you are urged to complete the online ALEKS program, "MMA Prep for Algebra/Trig Summer 2015".

ALEKS is a self-paced computer tutorial program, intended for highly motivated, self-directed students.  It has been designed to meet the needs of students entering Algebra/Trig at MMA.  Participation in the ALEKS tutorial program is voluntary.  It does not lead to any course advancement, nor does it provide course credit.  What it does provide is help with the math skills needed for success in Algebra/Trig.

The program for which you will register has been selected by the math faculty at MMA.  Your progress through the program will be monitored by the math faculty at MMA.

The ALEKS course is designed with 148 topics, each of which is essential prerequisite knowledge for Algebra/Trig.

If you choose this option, you must show mastery of all 148 topics AND successfully complete the 'Goal Completion Assessment' at the end of the ALEKS Program. 

The cost of the program is $35 for a 6 week subscription.  You can purchase the course on line at  On the left of the screen, click on "New User?  SIGN UP NOW."  Use course code:  QQDGR-TCPPC (you will purchase the 20-digit access code during the registration process) and register for the 6 week short course.

Reminder:  All ALEKS assessments are to be done without assistance. No tutors, math coaches, friends, etc. In addition, the initial assessment is to be done without a calculator.

Course:     Prep for College Algebra with Trigonometry
Subject:     MMA Prep for Algebra/Trig Summer 2015
Instructor:  Prof. Tishkevich                       
School:      Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Note:  For best results, use a web browser other than Internet Explorer.

For more information, please see the following link: 

or search for:  "ALEKS Mathematics Learning Program"  from the MMA homepage



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