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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Hazard Risk & Disaster? We're On It! Admissions - Hazard Risk & Disaster? We're On It!

A few months ago U.S. News and World ranked Emergency Management Specialist as one of the best jobs in 2011 with a projected continued strong growth over the next decade.

In 2004, the Academy was one of the first colleges to establish an Emergency Management undergraduate degree program.  Although a number of other schools have since jumped on the bandwagon, MMA continues to be the only one offering an Emergency Management major with a science based curriculum.  Four years ago MMA added a 34-credit, 11-course graduate program in Emergency Management.

The Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Department consists of two programs, either of which students may choose as a major.  One program is Marine Safety and Environmental Protection; the other is Emergency Management. Because environmental, safety and emergency issues and events often overlap, the two programs share a common curriculum for the first two years. As juniors, students choose to major in one program, with the option of taking a minor in the other program. A few students undertake a dual major.
The Emergency Management program’s educational coursework has been developed for each of three key concepts; hazard, risk, and disaster.   

As senior Matthew Hart, 2008 graduate of Clinton High School, (Clinton, MA) and current Emergency Management major, recently noted, “As far as placement goes, the field is extremely broad.  You can really take the degree wherever you want.  This MMA Bachelor of Science degree is a great stepping stone.  Add some experience and a graduate degree, and the sky is the limit.” “Recent major disasters, including, Indonesia, Chile and Japan, seem to be growing deadlier, costlier and more frequent.  If this course of affairs persist, an Emergency Management degree will remain in great demand.” Hart continued.  

This particular young man is in a hurry to get out there and help.  1/C Cadet Hart will graduate in just three years at age 20, all the while maintaining a 3.76 GPA.

Follow this link to read the complete U.S. News and World Report article.

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