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                                                              Operations Division

The Operations Division oversees tactical and strategic initiatives for the departments of Camps & Conferences, Human Resources, Facilities, Public Safety, and Simulation Technology.  Effective
01 October 2012, the Purchasing department joined the Operations Division.  The division continues to develop and improve work methods throughout the campus to ensure the Academy is in compliance with legal and environmental laws and to assist in achieving target goals stated in the 5-Year Strategic Plan.

The Operations Division is responsible for major deferred maintenance and capital projects and carries out those missions with the philosophy of building a robust sustainability program and investing in renewable energy on campus.  Not only is the investment in renewable energies a savings to the Academy, it also serves the purpose to provide hands on training for our student body.  

The division works closely with the Division of Capital Assets Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) and the Massachusetts State College Building Authority (MSCBA) to fund projects and threby improve campus life. 

The MSCBA is currently upgrading all center core bathrooms in the dormitories to include upgrades for an increase in female facilities.  This project began in June 2012 and will continue with upgrades and renovations during the winter and summer breaks through 2015.  Additionally, to assist in accommodating the growth in the student population and meeting the strategic target goals, Fourth Company dormitory has begun its expansion to have an additional two floors added with a six story expansion towards the bay.  The project will add an additional 223 beds meeting our target goal of 1400 students by fall 2014.  This project began in May 2013 with a target completion date of August 2014. The quality of student life will improve by adding larger lounges with views of the bay, an express gym, and new tennis and basketball courts. 

Additionally, Pande Dining Hall will be expanded with an additional 200 seats along with a new front entrance and padio.  

The MSCBA is also assisting and facilitating a $5,000,000 Waterfront Protection Pier.   Initial designs call for a dock extending 250 feet out into the ocean before turning left 550 feet and extending toward the canal.  This pier will not only allow protection for the Academy campus in addition to providing a safe harbor for vessels.  The pier will include floating classrooms of hydrokinetic prototypes to capture the Cape Cod Canal current and produce energy.  Currently, Operations and Marine Operations Divisions are working in conjunction with the MSCBA on required permitting and design phase.  Construction is targeted to begin in FY15.

Further, the division is working with DCAMM to repurpose the Hurley Building to house on the first floor the offices of Advancement, Career & Professional Services, and Follett Book Store with two additional conference rooms.  The second floor will house faculty offices.  The coordination of completion for this project and the dormitories is time sensitive due to the relocation of faculty, departments, and increased student population.  This project is $8,000,000 and is has an expected completion date of June 2014.

In conjunction with DCAMM, the division continues to work with Sasaki to develop and finalize the upgrades to the Campus Master Plan that will incorporate the Academy’s strategic goals and academic needs as we move to increasing enrollment in future years.  

Other projects on campus are a $3,000,000 expansion of Admirals’ Hall to increase capacity from 270 to 450 to accommodate an entire freshman class.  The building envelop expansion will accommodate a full stage for a performing arts/theatre and a grand entrance to connect the American Bureau of Shipping Information Commons Plaza.

Relocation of the Marine and Facilities departments will allow the removal of space metal buildings with upgrades to the Waste Water Treatment Plant.  A campus loop road and renovations to the pedestrian walkway are also scheduled to connect the dormitories to the gymnasium providing access to all academic buildings along the walkway.  Phase II of this initiative includes an $8,000,000 expansion of the gymnasium.  The new space will support the increasing student population (the vast majority of whom participate in varsity, club or intramural athletics) with expanded cardio areas, weight rooms, and sport court spaces.

The division continues to act as Liaison and Clerk for the Board of Trustees which meet on campus a minimum of eight times a year.  The division is responsible for compiling materials for the Board of Trustees meetings and Committee days and maintaining the Board webpage.  The webpage has been updated to provide Trustees with valuable current information and is used as a source of reference.  Two Trustees have been re-appointed this past year.  Also, a new student trustee has been elected for FY14.  The Operations Division provides the necessary information required for the Board and Commissions webpage at the Governor’s Office, Mass Department of Higher Education, Secretary of State’s Office, and Executive Office for Administration and Finance.   

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