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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Public Disclosure MMA Academics - Public Disclosure

Mission, Objectives, Expected Educational Outcomes
Academic Programs, Courses Offered
Available Educational and Co-curricular Opportunities

Academic Policies and Degree Requirements
Admissions, Credit Transfer, and Withdrawal Policies and Procedures
Student Fees, Charges, and Refund Policies
Student Conduct Regulations

Current Faculty

Names and Positions of Administrative Officers

Names of the Governing Board

Programs, Courses, Services, and Personnel Not Available in a Given Year
Description of the Student Body, Campus Setting

Documentation for Claims of Program Excellence, Placement

Statements of Goals for Students' Education and Success of Students

Rates of Retention and Graduation and Other Measures of Success

Total Cost of Education, Availability of Financial Aid, Length of Study
Expected Amount of Debt Upon Graduation

Programs and Services Available at Branch Campuses, Including Overseas
Continuing Education

Availability of Academic and Other Support Services

Principal Affiliations of the Governing Board

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