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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Marine Safety and Environment Protection cadets tour Deer Island wastewater plant Environmental Protection, Safety, and Emergency Management - Marine Safety and Environment Protection cadets tour Deer Island wastewater plant

Dr. MacGregor and Dr. Jaroslow, of Marine Safety and Environmental Protection, Department, arranged for MSEP students to tour Deer Island, in Boston Harbor. They toured the MWRA's Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant, which is the centerpiece of MWRA' $3.8 billion program to protect Boston Harbor against pollution from Metropolitan Boston's sewer systems.

The plant removes human, household, business and industrial pollutants from wastewater that originates in homes and businesses in 43 greater Boston communities. In compliance with all federal and state environmental standards and subject to the precedent-setting discharge permit issued for the plant by EPA and DEP, its treated wastewater can be released to the marine environment.
 Deer Island is one hundred eighty five acres, south of the town of Winthrop.  In 1675, it served as an internment camp for Native Americans during King Philip's War. During the middle 1800’s it was the landing point for thousands of Irish fleeing from the potato famine. In 1847, it was the site of a quarantine station/hospital where many immigrants died. 1850, it became an almshouse, and in 1896 became a state prison. The first sewage treatment plant was constructed on Deer Island in the late 19th century and expanded in the 1960s. The current plant dates from the 1990s

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