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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Impact of Withdrawing from a Course Registrar's Office - Impact of Withdrawing from a Course
I.                   Class Status may be affected in a subsequent term. The following are affected by a loss of Class Status:
A.     Financial Aid
1.      Federal Direct Stafford Loan eligibility is reduced (consult w/Financial Aid Dept.)
2.      CQPR requirement may be more lenient, (i.e., 1.8 required for   
      Sophomore, 2.0 required for Junior/Senior).
B.     Commercial Shipping
-Student must have Junior status at the beginning of the year.
C.     Quality of Life
-Leave and Liberty policies
-Accoutrements in dormitory rooms
-Company assignment – Students who lose Class Status are moved to another company.
D.     Leadership Opportunities
-Student must be at the class level commensurate with responsibilities.
II.                CQPR - “Avoid the F”
A.     Maintains higher CQPR for Good Standing/Retention
B.     2.0 required for Commercial Shipping/Leadership positions
C.     May affect eligibility to participate in varsity athletics
D.     Scholarship Committee uses CQPR as first criteria – works from top down.
III.             Credits completed
A.     12 credits required for Full-Time Status
1.       Private Health Insurance may require full-time status
B.     Financial Aid
          1. Maintenance of Effort – must complete a minimum # of credits per Federal guidelines.
                 2. Less than Full-Time most likely will lose all financial aid.
IV.              Academic
A.     Prerequisites
B.     Eligibility for Sea Term and/or Cooperatives
C.     Academic Board
-Board reviews transcripts and takes into account # of withdrawals and lack of progress as well as CQPR, SQPR, # of failures and Probationary status.
D.     Attitude
-It is disappointing to see students withdraw after only two weeks of class. This demonstrates a lack of self-confidence and determination rather than a lack of aptitude.     

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