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It is a rare opportunity for college students have face to face meetings with the leaders of worldwide corporations who are well known throughout the maritime industry.  On Wednesday, October 28, two International Maritime Business cadets were given that chance.

1/C Sarkis Nahigian and 2/C Jack Gomes traveled to Darien, CT to attend the Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) Luncheon with IMB professor Charlie Norz where they learned about the future of the shipping market from the best in the business.  George Economou, Chairman and CEO of DryShips, is known world-wide for his knowledge and experience in maritime commerce and he presented a synopsis on the current and future status of the tanker, dry bulk, container, and oil rig markets.  Mr. Economou provided the audience with essential statistical data stating exactly where he thinks the industry is headed as well as his own hints and tips on how to be proactive and  successful.  

“Everyone needs to have a P.H.D.  That is everyone must be Poor, Hungry, and Driven”, joked Mr. Economou at the luncheon.  Nahigian and Gomes, were able to get an excellent insight into this “niche” industry and learned a great deal about how it operates.   

“It is certainly gratifying to see exactly how the maritime world operates and functions.  This experience alone has opened up future doors for us in regards to internships and future career opportunities”, said Gomes.  

Both cadets gained valuable awareness and understanding of how the market works and who the big players are.  They put their networking skills to the test and not only met with Mr. Economou, but other industry leaders such as Mr. Ted Petrone, president of Navios Maritime Holdings.  Other major maritime players they were given the chance to speak with included representatives from Charles R. Weber Company, Torm, Maersk, Resolve Marine Group, M.T. Maritime Management, Odin Marine Group, and several others.  

Nahigian commented on his experience saying, “It is a privilege to be surrounded by so many influential individuals at one time and to get the chance to sit down and speak with them one on one, especially going into my senior year when it is time to make decisions on which career path I wish to choose”.  

The IMB major specializes cadets in specific maritime areas such as ship operations, brokerage and chartering, marine insurance, maritime law, etc., but it also allows cadets to choose from a variety of career paths ranging anywhere from finance/accounting, ship brokerage to the government defense and logistics sector.

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