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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Senior Class Giving Advancement - Senior Class Giving

Dear Classmates, Parents, Family and Friends,

As we get ready to enter the “real world,” we are beginning to see the fantastic opportunities that our education at MMA has made possible.  To honor that foundation, we are are excited to invite you  into the Class of 2010 Senior Class Gift Campaign.

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Top 10 Excuses for not making your gift to the Class of 2010 Campaign:
10. The dog ate my checkbook.
No problem. We take MasterCard and Visa.
9. I already paid tuition.
Good investment! But tuition only covers about 2/3 the cost of an MMA education. The remainder is paid through public and private support, like gifts from alumni. Your gift could help a new student access all that MMA has to offer.
8. MMA doesn’t need the money.
Think again. Keeping MMA strong protects the value of your degree - the better MMA looks, the better your degree looks to employers.
7. Someone else will do it.
NO ONE ELSE CAN DO YOUR PART. You’re important! You count! Support the Class of 2010 gift effort, and leave your mark.
6. I don’t have money to spare right now.
We understand you have a lot of financial commitments that may ease in the years ahead. That’s why we’re offering you the option of making a pledge. Tell us how much of a gift you would like to make, and you can take up to five years to pay.
5. I’ll wait until the fund’s purpose is decided.
There are so many opportunities to leave our mark on the MMA campus, and these will only increase as the new library is completed. Contributing or pledging now will help us make the best decision possible on how to spend this fund.
4. My gift won’t make a difference.
Wrong! Every gift helps! In ranking undergraduate schools, U.S. News and World Report evaluates whether alumni care enough to give back. Our latest ranking in that list is proof your gift does make a difference!
3. I’m not graduating until August/December.
Don’t worry! You’re included, too. All 2010 graduates - August or December - are eligible to participate.
2. It’s not all about me…I had a lot of help to get here.
The expression “it takes a village” is never more appropriate than when referring to the collective effort it takes to complete an MMA education. You can make your gift in honor of the person that has been a positive influence and made a difference in your life at MMA.
1. I haven’t been asked.
Here is your invitation! The celebration of graduation – and of all the hard work it took to get there – is a perfect time to make your pledge.
To make your gift or pledge, visit

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