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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Guidelines for Cadets Career & Professional Services - Guidelines for Cadets

Dominion FENG co-op
Co-op is an educational program in which you alternate periods of academic study with periods of employment in positions related to your academic or career interests. This combination provides an integrated learning experience that enhances both your studies and your career development.

Your six-credit co-op(s) are required for graduation.   Be sure that you have registered and paid for the course.


Remember, you are a representative of MMA and of your specific department.  You are expected to be polite, courteous and respectful at all times, both at the facilities and off-site.  Your conduct in the local community may have an impact on your co-op experience. The quality of your performance on the job will contribute to your future as well as to the Academy’s ability to secure future co-op positions.


Make arrangements with your supervisor regarding the hours and start/end date for your co-op.   You must complete 240 hours (280 for FENG).  It is always a good idea to arrive early, not just on time.

Arrange for personal, and college-related, commitments to take place outside of regular working hours.  The requirements of your co-op assignment come first.   If you must take time off from work for special circumstances, you must contact the MMA Career Services staff before requesting permission from your employer.

If you have military training, MMA athletic team, or pre-orientation obligations, you must notify Career Services and your employer prior to the start of your co-op assignment.  If your military reserve unit is activated, contact Career Services and your employer immediately.   


Co-op is your opportunity to gain practical professional experience in the field.  You will be exposed to diverse situations, and locations, and must be able to interact effectively on both a technical and a social level.

Your performance during your co-op will be a determining factor in how well prepared you are to enter the professional marketplace upon graduation. Keep in mind that your experience may provide you with employment opportunities in the future.  It is up to you to ensure your success.  Draw upon your workplace and classroom learning to sharpen your professional and academic goals.  You are required to work long hours and make a significant contribution to the organization.  Do not say “no” when you have the opportunity to do something for your company.

You are expected to become familiar with and strictly adhere to all of the company policies. You must be polite and courteous at all times. The impression you make will prepare the way for your career.


Your supervisor will define your specific duties.  Discuss the dress policy prior to your first day.  Be sure you understand the Sexual Harassment policy, which is federally mandated.

Be aware of the hazards to which you may be exposed while you are in the facilities.  Do not enter restricted areas or perform any operating tasks without appropriate supervision and applicable training.  Always wear your personal protective equipment in designated areas.  Follow all company safety rules.


Career Services will notify you if the co-op position is unpaid.  Otherwise, please confirm your rate prior to your start date.


Career Services will be sending your supervisor an electronic evaluation form of your performance.  Please be sure we have your supervisor’s contact information.  Your supervisor must complete your evaluation prior to your last day.  You are responsible for ensuring that the evaluation is completed, as it is part of your grade. 


Please keep a daily journal that documents your co-op experience.  Include work performed, training received, issues encountered, problem-solving challenges, observations made, etc.    See the detailed guidelines for your project on the Career Services web page.  There are different guidelines for each department.  Your Department Chair can answer any specific questions.  Be sure to read the guidelines prior to your co-op experience so that you are prepared to obtain the necessary information while working.   Your grade for co-op is based on this project.


Each cadet is required to complete a survey of his/her co-op job to be used in future co-op placement.  An electronic link will be sent to you at the end of your co-op placement.  Be sure to print a copy for your project before you click submit.  This is important information for future students to use as a resource.

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