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Massachusetts Maritime Academy - IMBU Department Says Hello and Goodbye Admissions - IMBU Department Says Hello and Goodbye

The International Maritime Business Department's annual "Hello and Goodbye" party is always an event for wholesome home cooked food, fun times and felicitations. Students in the department eagerly await this day when we welcome the freshman class and bid farewell to the seniors.

This is also an opportunity to introduce the new Business rates for the forthcoming year and honor top academic excellence in the four classes. The freshmen get to meet all the departmental faculty members and share a meal with them that is also cooked by faculty members.

The party was recently held at the Fantail lounge and all students in the program were invited. The cuisine was Indian and the laughter infectious. This year's academic achievers were 1/C Nicholas Hartt, 2/C Michael Doren, 3/C Robert Bancroft and 4/C Lucas Zielinski. These students were honored with prizes and words of appreciation by all the faculty members. The most improved student prize went to 2/C William Cotter who received his award amidst a huge round of applause.

While we bid farewell to the seniors with a heavy heart, we are confident that they will do us proud in their chosen careers and uphold the glorious tradition of MMA. For the freshman class, it is the beginning of another journey and they will have our support and guidance every step of the way.

The IMBU Hello/Goodbye gathering is truly a great opportunity to relax and mingle and be thankful for the blessings we enjoy at MMA. With invested cadets and faculty like this, it is no wonder students are flocking to study International Maritime Business!

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